A colon with several inflamed areas

Living With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

An IBD diagnosis may require a number of changes in your life. Explore the various things you can do to make living with this condition a little bit easier.
A calendar for tracking periods with a tampon and birth control pills.
How IBD May Affect Your Period
A man sitting with his doctor, hands together, while the physician makes notes or points out information on a tablet.
Does Having IBD Increase the Risk of Prostate Cancer?
Conducting a Pap test.
Does Having IBD Increase the Risk of Cervical Cancer?
Nurse writing in clipboard while using phone for video conference at clinic.
How Telemedicine Can Work for IBD
Menopause Definitions
How Does Having IBD Affect Menopause?
A female tattoo artist working on a customer
If You Live With an Autoimmune Disease, Should You Get a Tattoo?
Women in lotus pose.
Yoga May Be Beneficial for Those Living With Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis
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Diet for Ulcerative Colitis
Using an app for IBD
Phone Apps for Managing IBD
Group of multi-generational family, smiling, portrait
Vaccinating Your Baby After Biologic Treatment
Blood Vials
The Tests Your IBD Doctor Should Be Ordering
xray illustration of Osteoporosis progression
Long-Term Steroid Use Can Weaken Bones and Cause Osteoporosis
Senior man doing eye test with optometrist
Why Long-Term Use of Prednisone or Steroids May Lead to Cataracts
Woman getting a glaucoma test
Is There a Connection Between Glaucoma and Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
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IBD Life Hacks
Close up of doctor examining stomach of senior man
Toxic Megacolon Is a Rare but Serious Complication of IBD
4 Reasons Your IBD Is Making You Tired
Woman suffering from sudden stomach pain
What Can You Do If You Have a Bathroom Accident?
Bowel disease, artwork
What Does IBD Pain Feel Like?
The woman who wipes the face which washed its face with a face towel
Extra Fat in the Face from Prednisone Therapy Can Cause Moon Face
Couple holding hands
How to Date When You Have IBD
Banana porridge with cinnamon.
How to Treat Symptoms Using a Bland Diet
New Year's Eve party
How to Stick With Your New Year's Resolutions
Pregnant woman taking multi-vitamins
Is Prednisone Safe to Take During Pregnancy?
Skewers on a grill with squash and onions
Surviving Summer Picnics and Barbecues With IBD
Man runs to bathroom toilet on date
Advice On Sharing A Bathroom With Roommates
blood transfusion
Blood Transfusions and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
A woman suffering from heartburn.
Which GERD Medications Can Irritate Your Esophagus?
Woman looking at her skin in the mirror
Can Taking Prednisone Give You Acne?
Ginger on a plate
5 Remedies for Nausea You Can Try at Home
Squeeze bottle squirting water
A Cheap, Easy Way to Keep Clean When Having Diarrhea
Hospital Emergency Room
Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Are Associated With Complications