IBS: Life Without Limits

A Patient Journey

Navigating a life with IBS can be quite a ride. But it's important to know that you can control it. Here we map out the patient journey—wherever you are along this route, know that you are not alone and that there is always support available. Let's start at the beginning...

    You Got Your IBS Under Control

    There's definitely a learning curve. But after chatting with your doctor and doing some research, you figured out how to manage it daily. No one said it would be easy and it's somewhat of a change to your usual lifestyle. But with dedication and the right guidance, your IBS hasn't been a problem.

    You Still Enjoy Delicious Food

    Perhaps you thought that IBS would hold you back from enjoying your favorite dishes. But after exploring and embracing your options, you've found some game-changing recipes that will satisfy everyone.

    Your IBS Doesn't Stop You

    You may have been concerned that IBS would restrict you from living an active life. You like to run around and keep busy. But how could you still do that without a bathroom close by? Once you learned to control your symptoms, you realized that you could still do the things you love.

    You're Not Embarrassed, You'll Talk About Your IBS

    You're not quite sure why there is such a stigma around IBS still—a lot of people have it. And getting IBS under control can actually be empowering. You make sure to share all that you have learned with family and friends to spread awareness and help others, whether they or someone they know has IBS.