Ingrid Koo, PhD


Ingrid Chou Koo, PhD, is a medical and science writer who has spent many years conducting laboratory research on infectious diseases and immunology. Her extensive experience with infectious disease research, teaching, and writing make her an excellent resource for learning about all aspects of infectious diseases.


Dr. Koo has spent over 18 years in various biomedical research labs, more than half of which in infectious disease labs. As a graduate student and postdoc, Dr. Koo published several research papers on infectious diseases in renowned biomedical journals. She has experience both as the head lecturer and a teaching assistant in the University of California at Berkeley's Molecular and Cell Biology Department. She has continued in the field of science as a medical and science writer, providing writing assistance to research scientists and pharmaceutical companies.


Dr. Koo received a PhD in microbiology and a BA in immunology at the University of California at Berkeley. Her doctoral thesis at U.C. Berkeley's School of Public Health was on Chlamydia, a bacterium that causes sexually-transmitted and ocular diseases. After receiving her PhD, Dr. Koo continued post-graduate research studies as a postdoctoral fellow in an infectious disease lab at the University of California at San Francisco studying tuberculosis and the immune response against it.

A Word From Ingrid Koo, PhD

My decision to pursue graduate studies in infectious diseases was based on the direct relevance of the subject on human health and well-being. The fact that most infectious diseases are both preventable and treatable has made me a strong advocate of educating others about prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of these diseases.

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