Signs You Need a New Dermatologist for Acne

6 Signs It's Time to Fire Your Dermatologist

To get the best treatment for your acne, or any skin problem for that matter, it's crucial to have a good working relationship with your dermatologist.  But when that relationship is broken, and you're not happy, it's probably time to move on.  

How do you know when it's time to fire your dermatologist and find a new one?


You've Been Seeing the Same Dermatologist, for the Same Problem, for Years

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Acne can be tough to treat, and that treatment does take time.  But if you've been using the same medication for as long as you can remember, your dermatologist is satisfied with the status quo and you're not, that's a problem.

Remember, although we want to have a personable relationship with our physicians, it's still a business relationship.  Your dermatologist is providing you a service, and you have a right to switch if you aren't happy with the service being provided.


Your Dermatologist Doesn't Listen or is Dismissive

Some people just aren't great listeners.  But you definitely want your dermatologist to be a good one.

If your dermatologist breezes into the room for all of 55 seconds, and doesn't take time to listen to or answer your questions before speeding out, that's a problem.  Your dermatologist should never be "too busy" to talk with you.

Another red flag?  Your complaints or concerns are dismissed.  Your dermatologist should always take the time to address your concerns.


The Staff is Unprofessional or Disorganized

You'll also want to have a good working relationship with the staff, since they're your liaison between the dermatologist and you.  They should be helpful and professional.

Mistakes do happen, but if paperwork is habitually lost, prescriptions go unfilled, billing problems are the norm, beware.  If everything always turns into a headache, that's a sign you need a new dermatology clinic.

And you never have to accept rude or uncooperative staff.  If they act like you're an inconvenience to their day, run!


You get an "Up-Sell" at Every Appointment

Does your dermatologist push you for Botox every time you walk into the treatment room?  Does he have way more interest in giving you collagen injections than you are getting them?

I absolutely want my dermatologist to point out a suspicious mole, or suggest a cream for an eczema patch he noticed.  But I don't want to feel like I'm fighting off a salesman pitching unnecessary and expensive procedures.


You Leave Every Appointment Confused

You should leave every appointment feeling put at ease, confident in the plan of action you have for your skin.

Are you left without a clue as to how to use your medication?  Are you completely ill-informed of potential side effects ?

Your dermatologist should take the time to fully explain his diagnosis and your treatment plan.  You should never feel like you've been left in the dark.

To be fair, though, make sure you're giving your dermatologist a chance to answer your questions. If you have questions, ask! To get you started: 7 Questions You Should Ask at Your Next Dermatology Appointment.


You Don't Feel Comfortable with this Person

Sometimes, it just comes down to personality -- the feeling that you either mesh with this person or you don't.

It's not necessarily anything anything your dermatologist or the staff has done wrong.  You just don't feel like it's a good fit for you.  That's OK.  

Some people want their dermatologist to be blunt and to the point.  Others may find that personality to brusque for their liking, and need someone more gentle and nurturing. 

Spend a few moments thinking about what kind of bedside manner you need from your dermatologist.  The point here is to find someone you feel comfortable with.

Are you ready to move on?  This article will help you find a dermatologist that will be a better fit for you: How To Find the Right Dermatologist.

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