Jesse Mills, MD



My goal is to answer your medical and surgical questions related to the field of urology.  My postings will be easy to understand, well-researched and reflect evidence-based medicine and practice. 


Dr. Mills is a board certified urologist who is fellowship trained in male reproductive medicine and surgery.  He is the author of multiple peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the field of urology, sexual medicine and male fertility. He has a robust medical and surgical practice located in Denver, Colorado where he specializes in microsurgery of the male reproductive tract, penile prosthetics and treatment of male endocrine disorders.


BA in Russian Language and Literature, UCLA 1994

Master's Program in Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Missouri, 1996

Medical Doctorate, University of Iowa College of Medicine, 2001

Residency in General Surgery, University of Colorado, 2001-2003

Residency in Urology, University of Colorado, 2003-2007

Fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine, 2007-2008 

A Word From Jesse Mills, MD

Your healthcare should be a dialog between you and your physician.  Doctors can diagnose diseases and provide treatment but you must be proactive in your health; eat right, exercise daily and follow your doctor's treatment regimen to maximize your health. 

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