Job Interviewing in Healthcare During the Holidays

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In many business environments, the holiday season tends to be slower and less productive than most other times of the year. This may often include a decline in hiring and recruiting activities such as interviewing and onboarding.

However, the healthcare industry does not typically slow down much, even during the big holiday season at the end of the calendar year, encompassing Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve.

The Holidays Can Be a Good Time to Interview in Healthcare

All functions of the healthcare industry, particularly those related to patient care, must continue throughout all holidays. Therefore, the holiday season can actually be a great time of year for job interviewing in the healthcare industry.

Jim Stone, president of The Medicus Firm, a national physician recruiting agency, agrees. "We usually do not see much, if any, decline in activity during the holiday months of November and December," he states. He adds that, while many of the firm's physician recruiters do take some time off, they are often available via cell phones or internet, or they are able to manage their time in the office to maintain a level of productivity in the office.

"Our clients' physician search needs do not disappear during the holidays," he adds, "therefore, our associates must be available to set interviews and screen candidates just as much as any other time of the year." Even though some clients are out of the office at some point during the holiday months, the work of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring physicians and providers still has to be completed on the employers' end as well.

Enter the New Year With a Fresh Start

Stone highly recommends interviewing during the holiday season. "It's good for candidates, and employers," he states because hiring at the end of the year enables providers to start work in their new hospital or medical office as a fresh start at the beginning of the year.

Also, for candidates, there is typically less competition, and there also may be a slightly more relaxed approach to interviewing during the holidays.


There are some drawbacks to interviewing during the holidays, however, Stone warns. "Some key hiring decision makers may be less available during the holidays, which could slow down the process after the interview." Also, employment contracts may be delayed if the legal department is on holiday vacation.

"Normally, I'd tell candidates to be concerned if a potential employer takes too long to get back with a contract. But, during the holidays, the process may just inherently take a bit longer than usual due to the holiday schedule and key people being out of the office."

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