Employment Resources in the Deaf Community

Need a Job? Try These Resources

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The deaf and hard of hearing community has its own employment opportunities and resources to aid both hearing and deaf people seeking hearing loss-related employment opportunities.

General Employment Resources for Deaf/HOH Jobs

General employment resources list all types of jobs available in the deaf community and may have searchable or categorized listings. One such example is Juju.com.

Specialized Resources for Deaf/HOH Jobs

For a more targeted job search, seekers can try these specialized types of job listings.

  • Teachers can search the Deaf Education job base. It is necessary to register in order to use the database.
  • Captioners can check the Captioning Jobs listing on my other site, Closed Captioning Web. It lists the jobs in reverse chronological order.
  • Audiologists and speech-language pathologists can find job resources on the ASHA careers page.
  • Gallaudet University - If you are in the metro DC area (or planning to move there) and seeking a job at Gallaudet University, you can check their listings online. To see currently open positions, go to the Administration and Finance department website and select "Employment." Application forms can be downloaded and printed.
  • The National Technical Institute for the Deaf's jobs are listed via the main RIT employment website. To access them, go to the NTID website.

Deaf/HOH College Students

Students and to a limited degree, alumni, can get help with their job searches from both Gallaudet and NTID.

  • Gallaudet University has a Career Center. According to the website, alumni may utilize the Career Library and participate in training sessions. Current students receive a full complement of services.
  • The NTID National Center on Employment assists students, alumni, and employers. The NCE also holds an annual job fair open to both students and alumni.
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