Katharina Star, PhD


Katharina Star, Ph.D, is a licensed professional counselor, holds a masters degree in couples and family therapy, and is certified in chemical dependency counseling. She has also trained in numerous complementary therapeutic modalities including yoga, creative arts therapies, and mindfulness.


Dr. Star is a qualified and caring mental health provider, with experience treating groups, families, couples, children, adolescents, and adults. As a clinician, she is knowledgeable in completing diagnostic assessments, assisting with crisis intervention services, developing individualized treatment plans, and providing a wide-range of therapeutic interventions. In addition to counseling, Dr. Star is experienced in teaching classes and presenting at conferences on issues regarding mental health and wellness. She is currently researching wellness practices and is interested in discovering empirically-validated holistic treatments for panic disorder.


Dr. Star obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Art from Kent State University. She earned a dual-licensure master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Akron. Dr. Star received her doctorate degree from Kent State University.

A Word From Katharina Star, PhD

I have personally experienced the struggle of panic attacks and understand how challenging it can be to cope with its many symptoms. I am passionate about providing this information on panic disorder as a way to foster hope, understanding, and reassurance for everyone affected by panic attacks, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. This site offers up-to-date research findings, a supportive forum, information on symptoms and diagnosis, resources on coping and treatment options, and help for friends and family.

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