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Katherine Lee

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The early grade-school years are an exciting time. Homework, friends, budding rebellion, curiosity about bodies and gender differences—this developmental stage after preschool and before the tween years is an action-packed period of physical and emotional development.

As your child makes his way into the world of school and increasing independence, he will be filled with curiosity about himself and his world as he faces new challenges and conquers new horizons.

I, like so many parents I know, have found other parents and child-development experts to be invaluable sources of information and advice. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share what I've learned, and hope that you can find the information you need when you have a question or problem. You are not alone!

— Katherine Lee


Katherine Lee is a former writer for Verywell covering school-age parenting. She worked as an editor at Parenting and Working Mother magazines, and is the mother of a teenaged son. She has written and edited numerous articles and essays on parenting and children's health and development for What to Expect, Parenting, Working Mother, Wondertime, Ladies' Home Journal, EverydayHealth.com, Sprig.com and Verywell.

Katherine has worked with leading pediatricians and child-development experts such as William Sears, MD and Barbara J. Howard, MD. She has also spoken about a wide range of parenting topics, from how to handle tantrums to teaching older children about money, on various national TV and radio appearances. She was a contributor to The Imperfect Mom: Candid Confessions of Mothers Living in the Real World, an anthology of essays published in 2006.

As a busy mom who is juggling work, home, and a son, Katherine knows the value of tips and advice that can make life easier for parents. That, and a love of doing crafts with kids inspired Katherine and her craft-making partner Sarah Waldron to create a website for parents who want to make fun, simple, and beautiful crafts with children. The crafts featured on their site, MakingFunCrafts.com, are as kid-friendly and easy-to-make as they are lovely.

Katherine is also one of chefs featured in Two Busy Moms Gourmet, a website featuring quick and easy recipes for busy parents. She and Danielle Butler-Leu, owner of Cooked in Brooklyn, a collection of commercial kitchens for chefs in Brooklyn, New York, are making it their mission to show parents how to make fast, easy, and delicious meals, even on busy weeknights.

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Katherine holds a BA in English from Northwestern University, where she took numerous reporting and writing courses at the Medill School of Journalism.

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