Regain Your Independence With the KD Smart Chair Electric Wheelchair

An Electric Powered Wheelchair Designed With Convenience In Mind

The wheelchair, as we know it today, has been around for over a century. There are many types, including electric wheelchairs, hybrid-powered wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children, travel wheelchairs, scooters with outdoor terrain wheels, and bariatric wheelchairs, just to name a few.

The KD Smart Chair is an electric-powered wheelchair that combines several user needs into one convenient design.

First off, the KD Smart chair is an FDA cleared mobility device. It has passed rigorous testing for safety.


The chair's frame is made of a strong aluminum alloy. Aluminum is light but strong. As a result, the chair weighs only 50 pounds but can carry passengers weighing up to 265 pounds.

Foldable For Easy Transport

The chair folds into one of the flattest and most compact sizes of any chair, similar to the small wheelchairs designed only for transport in airports for example.

In fact, it will remind you of the simple way that a baby stroller folds up. Very quick, very simple, very compact.

Folded Size: (L x W x H): 13" x 23.2" x 33.1"

This compact, flat-fold design makes it easy for you to transport the KD Smart Chair in the trunk of your car, stow it in the backseat, or in your SUV. The compact size also makes it possible for you to travel with your own chair through the airport, cruise ship, or on a bus or train.

Indoors and Outdoors

Usually, these are two different wheelchairs. There are wheelchairs designed specifically for the terrain in parks and woods, for those who like to continue enjoying their hiking paths and "off-road" exploration. These types of wheelchairs are built with bigger wheels that can climb over tree roots and stones, and maneuver along dirt paths.

With the KD Smart Chair, you have a fighting chance at this chair doing double-duty for you, working well as your indoor chair, as well as the chair you can count on to get you through some of the ground that requires the bigger wheels. 

The front wheels, made of polyurethane, are larger than typical indoor chairs at 6" in diameter and 1.5" wide. The rear wheels are a polyurethane blended with rubber and are solid. These measure 8" in diameter and 2" wide.

Usually, an outdoors off-road wheelchair is prohibitive to use inside someone's home because the larger wheels require a larger turning radius. The KD Healthcare Company improved on that issue too, by designing the Smart Chair with roughly a 30" turning radius. (By comparison, most all-terrain motorized scooters have a turning radius well-above 60".)

Motorized Power

The KD Smart Chair is powered by an electric motor, fueled by a lithium ion battery. The braking system is electromagnetic. The chair can climb a 12-degree slope with this all this energy. On a full battery charge, at 5 miles per hour, the KD Smart Chair can travel up to 15 miles, but you have the option to double the driving distance by installing a second battery.

You maneuver and propel the chair with a joystick control that can be mounted on the left or the right arm. 

Comfort and Maintenance

The chair ships to you almost fully-assembled. You take it out of the box, unfold it, connect the battery, mount the joystick, start it up and go.

Another convenience feature: The armrests can be raised up for easy access from the side. This can be helpful when transferring from a fixed chair or a bed.

The seat and seat cover both remove from the chair; a great benefit for either cleaning or replacement over the long-term life of the chair's use.

At the time of this publication, the KD Healthcare Company offers free shipping within the USA and a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you want to retain or enhance your wheelchair mobility, but may not have the finances to afford multiple chairs to support your different interests (travel, outdoor terrain, indoor maneuverability), the KD Smart Chair is an electric-powered wheelchair that is worth your consideration.

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