Kelly Armstrong, MD


Welcome! The intention of the disability site is to give readers a look into living with any type of disability and to learn how to use valuable resources to make life easier and better. We will delve into topics related to specific conditions, go through new and exciting research topics, and read about individual and inspiring patient stories. 


Dr. Armstrong has worked with patients with disabilities in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation for 5 years. She has a special interest in taking care of patients with neurologic related disability such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and ALS. 


Dr. Armstrong received her MD and went on to complete a residency program in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She has also received specialized training in working with patients with spinal cord injury. 

A Word From Kelly Armstrong, MD

I work every day to help make the lives of patients with disabilities easier. My patients inspire me on a regular basis and make my work incredibly enjoyable. One of the hardest things to accomplish as a doctor is to communicate with patients about their disability on their terms. I love being able to do this and form wonderful relationships with my patients through their own education. As part of this site, I hope to help make your understanding of disabling conditions better. Fear and anxiety in medicine are usually because of not completely understanding what's wrong. Together, we'll work to remedy that problem!

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