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Cold and Flu in Children

Do you know the difference between a cold and the flu in your children? Explore these two illnesses, learn ways to avoid and treat them, and help your kids stay healthy.
a sick child lying in bed
The Warning Signs and Safety Tips of When the Flu Becomes Dangerous
Mother checking temperature of sick daughter
Treat Your Kid's Cold Symptoms With These Natural Remedies
Flu vaccine
When Is It Too Late to Get a Flu Shot?
Boogie Mist Nasal Spray for Kids Review
Young girl who is sick
Why You Need to Take Your Child's Flu Symptoms Seriously
Young girl at pediatrician's office
When to Take Your Sick Child to the Doctor
Checking baby's temperature
What You Should Know About Babies and Fevers
Girl is Feeling Sick and Wrapped in Blanket
Is Tamiflu Safe for Your Kids?
Mother looking at medications with baby.
What to Do When Your Baby Gets the Flu
Caring for a sick child
5 Ways to Care for a Child With a Cold
Mom pouring cough medicine for child
What to Know About Kids and Cough Medications
Young boy getting a shot
Does Your Child Really Need a Flu Shot?
Washing hands
7 Ways to Protect Your Baby From Cold and Flu
Child using a breathing treatment
Is Your Child's Breathing Trouble Dangerous?
Use saline drops in your baby's nose to help with congestion
Ways to Treat Your Kid's Cold Without Medication
Mother feeling sick daughter's forehead
How to Know If Your Child Has the Flu
Mother checking daughter's forehead for a fever
Why Kids Shouldn't Take Aspirin
Flu Symptoms in Children
A List of Early Flu Symptoms to Watch out for in Children
woman putting saline drops in a baby's nose
How to Put Saline Drops in an Infant's Nose to Relieve Congestion
Mother taking daughter's temperature
How to Care for a Child With the Flu
Mother giving son (4-6) medicine
What To Do When Your Child Has a Cold or Flu
Boy taking medicine
How Safe and Effective Is Tamiflu for Children?
Boy coughing while sitting at a table
Learn When to Be Concerned About Your Child's Cough
flu shots
How Many Adults and Children Die from the Flu Each Year?