Kids' Skin Health

Your child's skin is a vulnerable organ and susceptible to things like eczema, poison ivy, and rashes. Learn how to prevent these, spot the early signs and when to see your doctor for treatment.
Poison ivy (rhus radicans)
Is It Poison Ivy?
Woman sunbathing on the beach
Which SPF Is Going to Protect You and Your Kids From Sunburn?
Infant baby acne
Infantile Acne: What To Do When Your Baby Is Breaking Out
Mother applying sunscreen to daughter on beach
Understanding the Differences Between Suntan Lotion and Sunscreen
a baby with acne
Tips on What Parents Can Do When Their Newborn Has Baby Acne
Mother hugging son in bathroom
Anti-Itch Creams and Remedies for Babies and Children to Try
Child with eczema
Best Ways to Tame Your Child's Eczema
Woman's hand rubbing baby oil into baby's scalp, close-up
Symptoms and Treatment of Your Baby's Flaky Scalp
Pediatrics dermatologist with patient
Is It MRSA or a Spider Bite?
Kids running in garden
The Best Way to Prevent an Uncomfortable Heat Rash
Teenage girl washing her face with water
How Can Your Pediatrician Treat Acne?
Little boy getting help using a hand sanitizer
Is Mersa (MRSA) Contagious?
Red bug mite chigger trombiculidae
Understanding What You Should Know About Chiggers and Their Bites
White-marked Tussock Moth caterpillar
That Cute Caterpillar Can Give Your Child a Rash
A child getting moisturizer applied to her cheeks.
Keratosis Pilaris Rash Treatments
Perioral dermatitis in a child who had a habit of licking their lips
What's Causing This Rash Around My Child's Mouth?
Father applying cream to son's (8-10) face, smiling
What Every Parent Should Do to Prevent Dry Skin in Kids