A doctor giving checking on the heartbeat of a young girl

Common Childhood Infections

Ear infections, croup, ringworm, and the flu are just a few common infections that kids are susceptible to. Explore these conditions and learn what you can do to keep your kids healthy.
Child with a cough holding a bear
Discover If Humidity Really Does Alleviate Croup
Baby boy (9-12 months) crying
The Symptoms of Roseola Can Become Dangerous for Children
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Coxsackievirus Infections: What Parents Need to Know
Mother comforting daughter by the pool
How Can You Treat Your Child's Swimmer's Ear?
Child blowing nose
What Parents Need to Know About RSV Infections
Mother examining baby boy (6-11 Months) with thermometer
Signs and Symptoms of RSV and Bronchiolitis
Toddler girl showing sty on her eye
Staph Skin Infections and MRSA Treatments
Illustration of pinworms in the intestines
Getting Rid of Pinworms
Teenage girl blowing her nose on the train
Common Childhood Illnesses During Summer
Impetigo Symptoms and Treatment
Father checking sick daughter's fever
What You Need to Know About Whooping Cough
boy taking medicine
These Are the Latest Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines
Young Patient with Stomach Ache
Your Kid Has Diarrhea: Could It Be a C Difficile Infection?
Is HHV-6 Behind Your Chronic Illness?
Boy in innertube floating in pool
Cryptosporidiosis Can Ruin Your Summer Fun
A doctor checking a child's throat
Can You Get Mono and Strep at the Same Time?
Nebulizer treatments are no longer a routine treatment for RSV.
How to Prevent RSV in Children