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Kids' Health

As a parent, you want to keep your children as healthy as possible. Educate yourself about nutrition, common illnesses, and other health issues that affect your kids.
Little boy makes inhalation at home
A Parents’ Guide to Managing Cystic Fibrosis in Children
Mother teaching son while sitting at home - stock photo
The Link Between Red Dye 40 and ADHD
A father on paternity leave looking after small son indoors, blowing his nose. - stock photo
5 Ways to Soothe Your Child’s Allergy Symptoms
first meal dirty and messy Asian mother try to feeding first meal for her daughter (2-6 month) at home - stock photo
Cinnamon and Babies: What Parents Need to Know
Portrait of young girl holding blanket and leaning against bed in bedroom - stock photo
Thumb Sucking: What You Need to Know
handsome l twin brothers hugging and standing in an urban scene - stock photo
Facts and Mysteries About Identical Twins
Baby on stomach pushing themselves up
The Important Benefits of Tummy Time for Your Newborn
Speech therapist training patient
Speech Therapy for Toddlers
Pediatrician Applying Bandage
1-Year-Old Shots: What You Should Know
Pediatric Nurse Gives Baby Immunization
2-Month Vaccines: What You Should Know
Child with dark skin and dark hair in pigtails stands outside, blowing their nose
Seasonal Allergies in Kids: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
a young boy with a headache
Should I Be Concerned About My Child's Headache?
Cute little boy playing with a railroad train toy
What is Metopic Ridge?
Caring mother looking at daughter's bruised eye in kitchen
What Causes Headaches and Stomach Aches in Children?
Crying baby being soothed
What to Do When Your Baby Bumps Their Head
Young couple checking baby's head
Is Craniosynostosis Genetic?
Baby boy at the doctor's office
Symptoms of Craniosynostosis
Child is not interested in studies
ADD vs. ADHD: Differences and Symptoms in Children and Adults
Doctor holding baby in office
How Craniosynostosis Is Treated
Measuring a baby's head circumference
What Is Frontal Bossing?
Mother holding baby in medical appointment
Metopic Craniosynostosis: Causes, Treatment, and More
Doctor using stethoscope to check newborn baby health and take care of them or cure the disease or disorder
What Is Lambdoid Craniosynostosis?
Keeping baby healthy and happy
What Is Coronal Craniosynostosis?
Close-up of a newborn baby in a white romper suit and mesh cap
What Are the Most Common Skull Birth Defects in Babies?
Macro view of mothers hands holding newborn boy's head
What Is Craniosynostosis?
Nurse Holding Baby
What Is Sagittal Craniosynostosis?
Celebrating New Life
How Craniosynostosis Is Diagnosed
Close-up of mother kissing baby daughter lying on bed at home
Causes and Risk Factors of Craniosynostosis
A light-skinned baby's head is cradled in a person's palms
How Many Bones Are Babies Born With? More than Adults
Portrait of a 5 month old baby girl
What to Know About a Baby’s Misshapen Head
Female pediatrician examining boy's ear in medical clinic
Lyme Disease in Children: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
Pediatric nurse measures baby's head
Changes to a Baby’s Head Shape: When to Worry
baby in bath
The Anatomy of the Baby Soft Spot
Father interacting with his baby boy laying in a crib
An Overview of Flat Head Syndrome
sad girl in mom's arms
Signs of a Concussion in Toddlers
asian chinese mother checking her baby boy son body temperature using thermometer while consulting her pediatrician doctor online using laptop
Signs Your Baby Has an Ear Infection
Mother Comforts Sick Child With Cold
Signs and Treatments for Pneumonia in Kids
geographic tongue, white tongue symptoms, thrush in young children
What Is Thrush in Babies?
Tips to Prevent Toddler Yeast Infection - Illustration by Jessica Olah
Here’s How to Tell If Your Toddler Has a Yeast Infection
Mother holding daughter in exam room
How Hypothyroidism in Children and Teens Is Recognized and Treated
Mixed race preteen girl sneezes into her arm
How to Recognize Bronchitis in Kids and How It’s Treated
Mother with ear thermometer checking coughing child’s temperature
Baby Cough and Chest Congestion Home Remedies
Teenage girl sick in bed
Could My Child Have Mono?
Mother is hugging her injured daughter fallen on the ground
What Is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis?
Schoolboy (4-5) sitting by desk in classroom
Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency: Coping, Support, Living Well
Black doctor examining girl
How Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency Is Diagnosed
Doctor giving injection to girl in office
How Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency Is Treated
Nurse measuring height of girl
Causes and Risk Factors of Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency
Close up of a father and daughter having a video call with their doctor
What to Know About Telehealth With a Pediatrician
Treatment of Oral Thrush - Illustration by Jiaqi Zhou
What to Know When Your Baby Has a White Tongue
Newspaper clipping regarding ADHD.
What Is ADHD?
Breastfeeding woman and child
How Biologics May Affect a Nursing Mother and Infant
10 month old baby boy biting on teething ring
Survival Tips for a Teething Baby
Young girl in hospital with her father
Learn If Parents Should Be Concerned About Acute Flaccid Myelitis
newborn baby
Persistent Cloaca: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
Pregnant woman holding a bottle of beer
How Can You Know If Your Child Has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
Father brushing daughters hair in bathroom
Learn the Many Causes of Hair Loss in Children
A little girl whose back is hurting her
6 Causes of Back Pain in Kids and Teens
Pediatrician examining toddler with rash at her office
Is Your Child Really Allergic to Penicillin?
Girl with Rett Syndrome
Rett Syndrome and How to Treat it