KODA Organization for Kids With Deaf Parents

Happy family with hearing impairments signing I love you in American sign language
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If you are a not-yet-grown-up hearing kid of a deaf parent, there is an organization just for you! It is called Kids of Deaf Adults, or KODA. It used to be a national organization, but today is more local than national.

Why Have KODA?

Why have an organization like KODA? My children are deaf, so I will never confront the issues associated with being deaf and having a hearing child. For example, some deaf people I know who have hearing children, have expressed wishes that their children would sign more. KODA provides a social outlet for the hearing children of deaf parents.

Typical KODA activities include holiday parties, picnics, and more. Maryland has a large KODA chapter. On the West Coast, there is KodaWest, which offers an annual KODA camp. There is also an annual KODA camp in Cincinnati. In addition, there is reportedly a KODA organization in New York.


KODA is often confused with its sister organization, CODA, which stands for "Children of Deaf Adults." CODA is for grown-up children of deaf adults, while KODA is for children who are younger.

KODA Conferences

Kids of deaf adults and their parents can attend the conference. It is held annually. The conference includes workshops such as Family Communication and Dynamics.

KODAs and Deaf Children

Kids of deaf adults are increasingly being integrated with deaf children, both in the classroom and in summer camps. When I asked why these children were attending the same summer camp for the deaf as my kids, the deaf parents with hearing children explained to me that sending their hearing children to camp with deaf children was one way to encourage the hearing children to maintain or improve their signing skills. In addition, more schools and programs for the deaf are welcoming hearing siblings of deaf children to attend the schools.

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