Laura Inverarity, DO


Dr. Laura Inverarity, PT, DO holds a degree in both physical therapy as well as doctor of osteopathic medicine. During her profession as a physical therapist, Laura worked in many areas of physical therapy such as rehabilitation, acute care, orthopedics, and out patient. Laura is also skilled in educating patients and instructing students in physical therapy.


Dr. Inverarity has worked in various facilities in a large urban city as a physical therapist. She has experience in multiple settings including intensive care, orthopedics, out patient, and rehabilitation. With a particular interest in the geriatric population, Dr. Inverarity taught multiple senior exercise classes and provided pre operative education to patients undergoing joint surgeries. As a clinical instructor, Dr. Inverarity supervised many students training to become physical therapists. Now, after completing her medical degree in osteopathic medicine, Dr. Inverarity has a more in depth knowledge of medical conditions and disorders.


Dr. Inverarity holds the degree of bachelors of science in physical therapy from Northern Illinois University. She has successfully completed many graduate education courses in the areas of rehabilitation and orthopedics. Dr. Inverarity also has completed her doctor of osteopathic degree from the Kansas City University of Medical and Biosciences. She is presently practicing as a resident in a large urban hospital.

A Word From Laura Inverarity, DO

My goal is to provide you with information on a variety of topics related to physical therapy. Resources on this site will be available for not only those undergoing therapy, but also for practicing professionals and hopeful students.

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