Lead Your Legacy Against Cardiovascular Disease

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If you or someone you know had a heart attack or stroke, you’re not alone. Nearly half of Americans over the age of 20 live with some form of cardiovascular disease, and the condition impacts not just diagnosed individuals, but their loved ones and future generations as well.

Cardiovascular disease is a group of conditions that involve the heart and blood vessels. Common complications include heart attack, chest pain (angina), or stroke.

While cardiovascular disease is currently the leading cause of death each year in the United States, it doesn’t have to stay that way. We have the power to change that statistic for the better and make a positive change for ourselves and those around us, now and for generations to come. Studies have shown that working together as a family (what researchers call "family-based approaches") can have heart-health benefits for both children and parents.

Whether you’re a young adult, a parent, a grandparent, or a caregiver, regardless of where you work or where you live, there is something you can do today to prioritize your heart health and create a brighter present and future for yourself and your family.

Your action has the power to awaken and inspire individuals across generations to take care of their heart, whether it's a child or young adult forming healthy habits, a mom raising her children and supporting her aging parents, or older people who could use resources and support, here and now.

Here, you’ll find the stories of ShantaQuilette, David, and Maura, three people with cardiovascular disease who have discovered that they can take action to create a healthier path for themselves and others, just like you can. They each took a pledge to lead a legacy of fewer lives lost to cardiovascular disease.

Join Others in Taking the Pledge

ShantaQuilette, David, and Maura each faced distinct but all-too-common obstacles to their heart health — a family history of cardiovascular disease, poor access to healthy food as a child, unconscious bias. Yet, they discovered that, while not all challenges were within their control, they could take steps to create a healthier path for themselves, their families, and others.

While each of them had a unique journey, there is one meaningful mission that now unites them: the desire to use their experiences to help ensure a healthier future for themselves and their loved ones. Each learned that making changes for your heart health doesn't have to be daunting — even small actions can make a big difference. By joining them in taking the pledge, you can make an impact, too.

The Legacy We Lead aims to halt the rise of deaths from cardiovascular disease. Take the pledge below to be a part of the change—you'll complete it in a heartbeat, and the benefits will last for generations to come.

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