LifeStyles KYNG Condoms Review

LifeStyles KYNG Condoms
LifeStyles KYNG Condoms. Photo © Dawn Stacey

KYNG condoms are natural rubber latex condoms. They were specially created for you men who need a larger fit than a standard condom allows.

And you may not realize it, but this is really important. If you are using the wrong size condom, you have a much greater chance that your condom will break or slip off. Plus, condoms that don't fit you the right way can decrease your pleasure during sex.

KYNG condoms are the newest large condom option from the LifeStyles condom brand. They are part of the LifeStyles condom collection that includes SKYN condoms, THYN condoms, and Turbo condoms.


KYNG [kĭng] Con•dom [kon-duhm]


KYNG condoms are extra long and wide — this means that larger men can now be comfortable when you use condoms:

  • Base Width 56mm/2.2”
  • Length: 190mm/7.8”
  • Thickness of the Latex: 0.07mm

Additional Features

KYNG condoms also have LifeStyle’s most popular flared shape. These condoms have a reservoir tip. Because they are made from premium latex, KYNG condoms have a low latex scent. KYNG condoms are also lubricated — this allows for more pleasure. But no need to worry, KYNG condoms do not have any spermicide in their lubrication.

KYNG Condoms Are Also Known As

XL condoms, large condom, extra large condom, LifeStyles large condoms, LifeStyles XL

This condom brand is also commonly misspelled as King Condoms.

Who Should Use KYNG Condoms?

If you are a "larger" guy, you may prefer to use KYNG condoms. Because these condoms are extra long and wide, they should be more comfortable to wear during sex. KYNG condoms are effective at preventing an unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. They are made from latex — so KYNG condoms may not be the best choice if you or your partner have latex allergies.

What Men Like 

Besides the fact that KYNG condoms are larger than standard condoms, men are saying some good things about these condoms. KYNG condoms get great reviews, like...

  • There is hardly any pressure when wearing these condoms.
  • KYNG condoms allow for I had breathing room without being too baggy.
  • The package and foil pouch look classy.
  • The gold foil is eye-catching — it has a high impact look.
  • KYNG condoms are thin enough that you can still feel your partner and are very stretchy.
  • These condoms offer a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Where Can I Buy KYNG Condoms?

You can buy KYNG condoms in the family planning aisle at your local drugstore or supermarket. So, KYNG condoms should be on the shelf with other condom brands, female condoms, the Today Sponge, spermicides, personal lubricants, and maybe even the morning-after pill. These are all considered to be over-the-counter contraceptives, so you do not need a prescription.

Are you are too embarrassed to buy KYNG condoms at the store? Or maybe you can't drive or don't have a way to get to the store? No need to worry — you can also buy KYNG condoms online.

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