LifeStyles Turbo Condoms

LifeStyles Turbo Condoms. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

LifeStyles Turbo Condoms are a condom innovations by LifeStyles. They are FDA-approved for contraception as well as to protect against sexually transmitted infections. Turbo Condoms are different from other condoms because they are designed to heighten sexual pleasure for both men and women. They contain a special lubricant both inside and outside of the condom designed for what LifeStyles maintains, "the ultimate sexual experience."

Turbo Condoms are made with a unique sexual enhancement lubricant called ExciteGel. This lubricant is a trademarked by LifeStyles and contains ingredients designed to heighten sensation. ExciteGel combines menthol with L-Arginine – a natural amino acid that can assist in increasing circulation to your sexual organs (by relaxing and dilating blood vessels to boost blood flow).

The menthol delivers a tingling and/or warming sensation that can help to intensify pleasure for both males and females. In fact, an independent consumer report revealed that 94% of women indicated that they experienced an improved ability to orgasm after multiple uses of ExciteGel.

LifeStyles Turbo Condoms Features

  • Standard size condom: Length: 7.5"/190mm; Width: 2.1"/53mm 
  • Flared shape -- to increase comfort by providing more "headroom."
  • Has a reservoir tip -- provides extra safety (more volume to collect semen after ejaculation).
  • Lubricated with ExciteGel on both the outside of the condom and the inside to intensify pleasure for both partners.
  • Provides protection against pregnancy and STDs.
  • Made from premium quality latex.
  • Meets U.S. standards for strength and durability.
  • Comes in 10-count package.
  • Turbo Condoms are electronically tested to help ensure reliability.
  • Easily available -- can be purchased both in your local grocery and drugstores and big box retailers as well as online.


  • Contains an exclusive lubricant aimed at maximizing both male and female arousal and pleasure by heightening stimulation.
  • Comfortable, scientifically engineered condom shape made with a stretchable latex.
  • Turbo Condoms do not contain spermicide or nonoxynol-9.
  • If additional lubrication is needed, these condoms can be used with water-based and/or silicone-based lubricants.
  • In addition to intensifying pleasure, there is some evidence that L-Arginine (one of the ingredients in the ExciteGel lubricant) may help men to sustain erections and/or assist with erectile dysfunction.
  • Made by LifeStyles Condoms, the first condom company to create a division to meet public health community needs and offer products at a corresponding price point.


  • People seem to either love these condoms or strongly dislike them. The warming/tingling sensations due to the ExciteGel lubricant may cause discomfort or may be too intense for some couples.
  • Lubrication may contain glycerin and parabens -- both have been linked to possible health risks.
  • Some couples report that Turbo Condoms smell too minty. This is probably due to the use of menthol in the lubricant.
  • Latex may cause allergic reactions.
  • Though these are classified as "standard size" condoms, some men who typically use standard-sized condoms feel that the fit is a little too tight.
  • If you have herpes simplex virus, Turbo Condoms may not be the ideal condom choice -- as there is some literature that suggests you should use caution with products that contain L-Arginine if you have been diagnosed with herpes.

It is important that you use condoms correctly in order to maximize their effectiveness. Make sure to use a new condom with each act of sexual intercourse. Because they are made from latex, you should not use Turbo Condoms if you or your partner is allergic to latex. If you wish to use condoms but have latex allergies, try looking into non-latex alternatives like polyurethane condoms ​or polyisoprene condoms.

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