Listerine Agent Cool Blue

Listerine Agent Cool Blue will not only encourage your child to brush his teeth regularly, but the overall quality and time spent on brushing will improve. When your child is able to "see" the plaque and food debris on his teeth, he will become accustomed to maneuvering the brush over areas that are often neglected, due to poor manual dexterity.

A child's perspective: "It was so cool to turn my teeth blue, then brush them white again! I feel like a grown-up, using my own mouthwash. I remember to brush my teeth every day when I see the blue mouthwash in my bathroom." Enough said.


  • Encourages children to brush their teeth
  • The amount of plaque on the teeth is visible before brushing
  • Helps freshens breath
  • Easy-to-use squeezable bottle, with a pre-measured cap for accurate dispensing
  • Kid-friendly flavors


  • May stain clothing, bath towels, and any other fabric that contacts the product


  • Listerine Agent Cool Blue is used as a pre-brush mouth rinse to temporarily tint the teeth blue to see plaque build up.
  • It is recommended for children ages six and older.
  • It is recommended to be used daily, before brushing.
  • The product is newly formulated with an enhanced preservation system.
  • Available in Glacier Mint and Bubble Blast flavors.
  • Does not contain fluoride.
  • Listerine Agent Cool Blue is available at most food and drug stores nationwide.
  • Suggested retail price is $5.29 for a 500 ml (16.9 fl oz.) bottle.

Guide Review - Listerine Agent Cool Blue

My daughter has always enjoyed brushing her teeth. That being said, the quality of her brushing has been an ongoing issue. She doesn't understand that she needs to brush for two full minutes in order to remove all of the plaque and food from her teeth. When she looks in the mirror after brushing for 30 seconds, all she can see is white teeth, and in her mind, she has clean teeth. Most children are not able to see the colorless plaque build up left on their teeth after a speedy attempt to get the job done. Would Listerine Agent Cool Blue help my daughter improve her brushing?

The concept behind Agent Cool Blue is not a new one. Disclosing tablets (those little pink tablets your dentist gives you) have been used for years, to stain areas on the teeth that are being neglected when brushing. What impressed me about Agent Cool Blue was the fact that this product is designed to resemble an everyday dental product. How often do you chew a pink tablet before brushing your teeth? I'm going to assume never. We are creatures of habit, so why not teach your child from an early age, how to properly use a mouth rinse rather than allow them to think they are chewing a candy before they brush?

Put to the Test

When she tried the Glacier Mint flavor, I admit I was slightly nervous. The rinse is dark blue; obviously the potential for her to stain her clothing, or worse my bathroom linen, will haunt me every time she uses it. I easily instructed her on how to dispense the rinse, swish with it for 30 seconds, and gently spit it into the sink without "accidents." She was amazed to see her blue teeth! As I supervised her brushing, I noticed she was more aware of how she was brushing each tooth. When finished, she inspected her teeth for any remaining blue stain. Overall, her brushing has improved, as well as the time she spends on brushing.

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