Liver Health

The liver is a vital organ responsible for hundreds of essential functions in the body. Without a liver, a person cannot live. Learn more about overall liver health, diseases, care, and treatment.

Patient in hospital
Types of Liver Disease and How to Treat Them
Doctor talking with patient
What to Know About Liver Disease and COVID-19
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Living with Liver Failure
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The Liver Helps Break Down Food and Remove Toxins in Your Body
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What to Know About Transaminitis (Elevated Liver Enzymes)
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What to Expect During Liver Function Tests
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PFAS Exposure Is Linked to Liver Damage
Four Surgeons At Work
What You Should Know About Liver Transplant Surgery
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The Psychiatric Aspects of Liver Disease and Hepatic Encephalopathy
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Why Cirrhosis of the Liver Threatens Heavy Drinkers
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What Are the Warning Signs of Liver Failure?
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If You Have Liver Disease, Your Real Problem Might Be Gluten
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How Medication Can Cause Liver Damage
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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and How to Prevent It
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Is a Liver Transplant the Best Option for You?
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How to Safely Take Tylenol and Avoid Serious Liver Damage
Liver lesion seen on imaging scan
What Do Liver Lesions Indicate?
The human liver shown in stages of liver disease.
Is IBD Associated With Liver Diseases?
An Overview of Cirrhosis
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Three Herbs for Liver Health
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Fatty Liver Disease Can Develop Due to Other Factors Besides Alcohol
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How Long Can I Live With Alcoholic Liver Disease?
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If You Have Liver Disease, Should You Have Surgery?
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Does Coffee Prevent Liver Disease?
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Avoiding Added Sugars May Protect Kids From Fatty Liver Disease
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Focusing on the Treatment of Liver Metastases
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Hepatologist or Gastroenterologist? Choose the Right Liver Specialist
Healthy eating
What Can You Eat if You Have Fattty Liver Disease?