Low-Cholesterol Caribbean Meal Plan

One Day of Delicious, Low-Cholesterol Caribbean Food Meals on 1,250 Calories

As with any cuisine, Caribbean food can be as good or bad for your cholesterol as you make it. Focus on foods that are heart-healthy, such as fish, fruits and vegetables, avocado and beans.

This sample meal plan focuses on delicious Caribbean seasoned meats, vegetables, and refreshing citrus fruits. Here's a day's worth of cholesterol-friendly Caribbean meals.

This meal plan provides 1,253 calories for the day. That's a fairly low-calorie range but gives you a base to add or change the plan depending on your individual dietary requirements (which may differ depending on your weight, age, and activity level). 

The plan includes Caribbean-inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To complete the meal plan and add calories (if needed), feel free to add healthy snacks. Cholesterol-friendly snacks include fruits, vegetables, bean dips, nuts, and low-fat dairy.


Start your day with some protein and some fiber-filled fruits and vegetables. In this case, avocado gives you lots of fiber and heart-healthy fats, while the plantain gives you some starch. One egg a day is usually fine for healthy cholesterol.

Beverage: 1 cup coffee or herbal tea

1 scrambled egg

1/5 avocado

1/2 plantain, lightly sauteed

Breakfast totals: 295 Calories, Total Fat 17g (sat 3.5g), Cholesterol 164mg, Carbohydrate 32g, Fiber 5g, Protein 8g


Soup and salad get a heart-healthy, Caribbean flair with black bean soup and salad. When it comes to soup and salad, make sure you watch out for sodium content. While it doesn't necessarily affect cholesterol, sodium can elevate your blood pressure -- another factor that contributes to heart disease. 

Beverage: Unsweetened hibiscus iced tea

1 serving of Cuban Black Bean Soup. 

½ of recipe Cuban Tossed Salad (note use 1 fl. oz of olive oil, rather than ½ cup called for in recipe -- it will taste just as good and lower the fat and calorie content) 

Lunch totals: 447 Calories, Total Fat 21g (sat 4g), Cholesterol 16mg, Carbohydrate 51g, Fiber 13g, Protein 19g


Take advantage of the fresh seafood so plentiful in the Caribbean when following a cholesterol-friendly meal plan. Round it out with extra fiber-rich foods like beans or swap traditional white rice for brown rice. For another healthy seafood dish, try this Poached Red Snapper with Avocado Sauce.

Beverage: Your choice sugar-free beverage, 8 oz.

1 serving (1/12 recipe) Caribbean Stovetop Paella

2 c. salad served with 1.5 T. vinaigrette

Dinner totals: 451 Calories, Total Fat 22g (sat 3g), Cholesterol 26mg, Carbohydrate 43g, Fiber 2g, Protein 19g


Choose fruit for dessert. It's naturally sweet and another good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber. Enjoy a single piece of fruit, or combine papaya, mango and banana slices and add a spritz of lime juice and a sprinkling of coconut flakes. For this nutrition analysis, we factored in a 60-calorie piece of fresh fruit.

Nutrition Information Total For The Day: 1,253 Calories, Total Fat 60 g (sat 10.5g), Cholesterol 206mg, Carbohydrate 141 g, Fiber 23 g, Protein 56g

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