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Lung Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Smoking and secondhand smoke aren't the only causes of lung cancer. Learn how heredity, radon, asbestos exposure, and other factors can impact your risk.
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Environmental Causes of Lung Cancer
Smoke visible on chest X-ray
Smoking and Lung Cancer
Senior woman smoking
Pack Years of Smoking and Lung Cancer Risk
Doctor listening to patients lungs
Is COPD a Risk Factor for Lung Cancer?
Woman coughing into a tissue
What You Should Know About Smoker's Cough
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Is Lung Cancer Genetic?
Hands pruning marijuana crop.
What You Should Know About Marijuana and Lung Cancer Risks
possible causes of a lung mass
Does a Lung Mass Mean You Have Cancer?
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These Are the Dangers of Sidestream Smoke
A boy uses an inhaler for a breathing problem.
Are People with Asthma More Likely to Get Lung Cancer?
Cigarette butts in an ashtray
10 Tips for Preventing Lung Cancer
Person smoking cigarette, close-up
Is Thirdhand Smoke Dangerous?
Radon Monitoring System in House Basement
Are You at Risk From This Leading Cause of Lung Cancer?
Hookah pipes sitting in a row
Cancer Risks of Hookah Smoking and Health Concerns
bartender pouring a tequila shot, does alcohol raise lung cancer risk?
How Alcohol Affects Your Risk of Lung Cancer
hand refusing to take a cigarette, but is nicotine alone harmless?
Does Nicotine Cause Cancer or Make Cancer Spread Faster?
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Can Granite Countertops Cause Lung Cancer?
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What Is the Risk of Lung Cancer After Quitting Smoking?
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How Does Secondhand Marijuana Affect Health and Drug Testing
Radon monitoring
The Importance of Radon Testing and Mitigation
Cancer patient in hospice care.
What It Means to Have a Genetic Predisposition to Cancer
Asbestos Removal
The Dangers of Asbestos Exposure