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Lung Cancer Treatment

From surgery to targeted therapy, navigating the choices for lung cancer treatment starts with understanding your options. Get the information you need.
A man shows the chemo port on his chest
Discover If a Chemotherapy Port Is a Better Choice Than an IV
Doctor comforting patient
Can Lung Cancer Be Cured?
Rendering of lungs showing wedge resection
What Is a Wedge Resection Done?
A man sitting on his bed with pain in his chest and lungs
Chronic Pain Syndromes After Lung Cancer Surgery
man receiving radiation therapy for cancer
What You Should Know About Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer
Young woman receiving chemotherapy, elevated view
Is Chemotherapy Beneficial for Lung Cancer?
patient talking with a surgeon
Is Surgery the Right Option for Your Lung Cancer?
Man receiving stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)
What to Know About Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
Artistic depiction of DNA strand with mutation
What Are Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer?
Doctor reviewing a chest X-ray
Can You Have a Lung Transplant for Lung Cancer?
Close-up of daughter comforting mother with a headache
What Can Be Done If Lung Cancer Spreads to the Brain?
doctor talking to a patient about the benefits and risks of a pneumonectomy for lung cancer
When Might a Lung Need to Be Surgically Removed?
Hands holding a chest x-ray, close-up
All About ALK-Positive Lung Cancer
scanner in radiation therapy department with patient having prophylactic cranial irradiation
What Is Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation Used For?
Her knowledge is impressing
How to Find the Best Lung Cancer Treatment Center
Senior woman wearing headscarf sitting on couch drinking tea
How Is Lung Cancer Treated in Older Adults?
Confused man with hand on chin reading adhesive note
Coping with Chemobrain, Forgetfulness and Problems Concentrating
Patient receiving oxygen treatment after lobectomy
What Complications Can You Experience After a Lobectomy?
Male doctor using tablet for his diagnosis
What Is Maintenance Therapy for Lung Cancer?
Mature woman resting her head on her hand
Coping With Anemia During Chemotherapy
Statin tablets
Can Statins Increase Lung Cancer Survival?
A woman uncomfortably holding her chest
Radiation Pneumonitis: A Complication of Cancer Treatment
X-ray of lungs showing the lobes of the lungs
Lobectomy as a Treatment for Lung Cancer
Doctor smiling in recovery ward
What Recovery After a Lobectomy Looks Like
Male person performing lung function test by using a triflow
How Can Pulmonary Rehab Make a Difference With Lung Cancer?
man at home in bed with his wife and doctor
What Is the Best Time to Choose Hospice Care With Lung Cancer?
Senior man in wheelchair being hugged from behind by wife
Why Some People Don't Get Treated for Lung Cancer