Financial Assistance Resources for Lupus Patients

Help With Lupus Bills

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If you have lupus and are in need of financial assistance, there are a number of avenues you can explore. It's important to note, however, that there is never a guarantee that you'll be eligible for these programs or that they will suit your specific need. That said, they're worth looking into.

Financial Assistance Resources for Lupus Patients

The State Department of Insurance website houses information that can guide you through the insurance process and help you select a policy that is right for you and your disease.

The Lupus Foundation of America can provide you with information on how to locate financial aid and services. You can also contact your county Department of Social Services, which can help you pinpoint valuable services and resources in your area.

These three Federal government websites are designed to help individuals identify federal programs for which they may be eligible for financial aid:

The Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) may be able to help you with your medicines' costs. The organization has a directory of companies that participate in PhRMA's patient assistance programs, including the medications they cover and eligibility criteria.

The Economic Impact of Lupus

The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that nearly 1.5 million Americans have lupus, and 5 million people around the world have this disease. Without a doubt, the financial burden of this disease is huge.

According to The Lupus Foundation of America, an October 2008 study estimated that the average annual cost of treatment for a person with lupus is nearly $13,000. Furthermore, people with lupus often have trouble working, and the cost of lost productivity (think work hours) was estimated at nearly $9,000.

Of note, two-thirds of people with lupus can't work full-time. In other words, lupus ends up costing a person with this disease on average more than $20,000 a year!

Please keep in mind, however, that the above statistics and cost refer to those people with lupus who can still work. An estimated 1 of 3 people with lupus are disabled, and 1 of 4 people with lupus receive disability payments.

According to a survey conducted by The Lupus Foundation of America, 1 of 4 people with lupus receives government-sponsored healthcare in the form of Medicare or Medicaid.

The Bottom Line on the Cost of Living with Lupus

Lupus is a chronic disease that requires expensive long-term treatment. It's imperative that lupus is diagnosed as early as possible and treated accordingly to avoid future complications of the disease. If you need help paying for lupus care, know that there are resources available that can help with medical bills.

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