MagicOpener Is the Must-Have Opener for People With Arthritis

It's often the simple things that are most frustrating for people with arthritis. I'm talking about things like opening a water bottle or popping the ring tab on a can. You probably have a drawer full of gadgets designed to open small lids with ease, but none of them work. I have found the one that works. Seriously, it works. Its name is MagicOpener and it does just that—it works like magic.

Magic Opener
Magic Opener

Physical Limitations

Physical limitations caused by arthritis can, at times, be more frustrating than the disease itself. Joints that are painful and no longer have a normal range of motion can interfere with your ability to perform simple, everyday tasks. I'm talking about tasks that people who don't have arthritis just do, without even thinking.

If your arthritic joints make a particular task impossible, you either have to ask someone else to do it for you or hope you have a gadget or assistive device that will help you get it done. The problem is, there isn't always someone available to help and let's be honest, most gadgets don't do what they claim to do.

Hand arthritis can be very problematic when you are in the kitchen trying to open jars, bottles, or cans. You might expect heavier, wide-mouth jars, such as pickle jars, to present a problem. Opening small, water bottle caps can present an even bigger problem for some people with arthritis who have difficulty with gripping and applying sufficient pressure to twist and turn. It has been over 40 years since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and the disease has taken a toll on my hands. I'm one of the folks I just described who often asks "can you open this for me" or digs around to try assorted sub-par gadgets that are kept in the drawer. When I was introduced to the MagicOpener, these simple tasks became simple again. Actually, it became effortless.

Features of the MagicOpener

The MagicOpener has a unique design. It is shaped like a small bottle, curved on one side, and flat on the other. The design was perhaps, in part, chosen with clever marketing in mind, but it fits in the hand perfectly and allows you to grasp it easily. The MagicOpener is a 3-in-1 opener. It can open most screw caps for plastic bottles (small, medium, and standard caps). It also has a slot at the slim end which allows you to quickly pop the tab on soda cans, pet food cans, soup cans, or any can with a ring tab. The wider end of the flat side easily pops metal caps off of glass bottles. The flat side is magnetized, too, so you can attach it to your refrigerator and have it readily available. The MagicOpener works so well, I predict you will want to have more than one.

So, why does the MagicOpener work so much better than other openers? Most bottle manufacturers in the U.S. use a standard size, ridged plastic cap. The MagicOpener uses the ridges to its advantage and was designed to grip the ridges as you twist off the bottle cap. There is none of the usual slipping, fumbling, or struggling to get it to budge. According to the manufacturer, the MagicOpener will open more than 80% of all bottle caps on the market in the U.S. There are also interchangeable plates available that offer other cap size options, perhaps needed for some imported bottles.

The MagicOpener is a must-have for anyone with arthritis, especially arthritis of the hand. You will truly be amazed by how effortless opening bottle caps and ring tabs becomes, once again. You'll believe in magic! The packaging promotes the MagicOpener "As Seen On TV". If you can't find it in your local store, go to the Magic Opener website

By Carol Eustice
Carol Eustice is a writer covering arthritis and chronic illness, who herself has been diagnosed with both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.