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Managing Medical Costs

From checking your medical bills to choosing the right insurance, take an active role as a healthcare consumer. Learn ways to spend your healthcare dollars wisely.
Health insurance helps patients get the medical care they require
Use a Health Insurer's Drug Formulary and Tier Pricing to Save Money
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Reading Your Healthcare Provider's Medical Services Receipt
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Drugs Prescription History is Used to Determine Health Insurance Costs
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What Happens to Your Flexible Spending Account When You Lose Your Job?
Talk to your pharmacist to find out what drugs are drastically discounted.
How to Obtain Free and Low Cost Prescription Drugs
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Balance Billing in Health Insurance
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Surprising Things Not Covered by Health Insurance
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When to Use a Medical Billing Advocate
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Don't Get Scammed by Fake Health Insurance Companies
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An Overview of CPT Codes in Medical Billing
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How to Get Low-Cost Vaccines for Adults Without Health Insurance
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Find out What Happens If You Are Late Paying Your COBRA Premium
A health insurance form.
How to Avoid Out-of-Network Healthcare Bills
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How to Maximize Your Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account
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Learn How to Save Money If You Reach the Out-Of-Pocket Maximum
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Money Saving Health Insurance Tips for Spouses
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You Pay More When Your Healthcare Provider Picks the Wrong Diagnosis Code
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Which Healthcare Providers or Healthcare Facilities Accept Insurance
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Pools, Spas, and Other Home Improvements That Can Be Tax Deductible
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The Legality of Bringing Prescription Drugs Into the U.S. From Mexico
A basic EOB statement will have similar pieces of information.
Reading Your Payer's EOB - Explanation of Benefits
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Tips for Reading and Really Understanding Your Medical Bills