Great Medical Jobs for Older Workers

Ages 50 and Over

Each year the AARP releases a list of the best careers for workers who are ages 50 and over. In the most recent list, several of the top five careers were related to healthcare. In addition to those careers, we have added several additional jobs that many workers have enjoyed after age fifty.

These jobs offer a work-life balance and level of physical activity that ​are amenable to workers later in life, such as Baby Boomers, and beyond. Additionally, healthcare careers are emotionally rewarding at a time in life when people most need to feel valued. Workers over 50 have a wealth of wisdom and life experience to offer in these healthcare careers.    


Hospice Chaplain

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This career was ranked second out of the top five by the AARP. With average hourly pay of $23.31 and full coverage by most health insurers including Medicare and Medicaid, the role of hospice chaplain is "swiftly growing" within the healthcare field, according to the AARP. "Chaplains typically work with medical staff and outside clergy to offer spiritual comfort to patients with seriously advanced illnesses."


Home Health and Personal Care Aide

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The AARP ranked this career third out of the five best careers for older workers. With an average hourly pay rate of $9.70, the income is not as attractive as some other health careers, at any age. According to the AARP, some home health aides may earn much higher wages with professional certifications and experience.


Medical Writer

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Working as a medical writer could be a great option due to the flexibility of hours and workspace. However, it may require some additional classes if you are not already well-versed and educated in a science or health area. However, good medical writers are always in demand.


Healthcare Recruiter

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Healthcare recruiting can be a very rewarding career both financially and in other ways. Many recruiting jobs offer training on the job, and this does not require a great deal of prior healthcare knowledge. However, if you do not enjoy working in a sales type of career, this may not be for you. There are many different types of healthcare recruiting jobs and settings. You can work for a recruiting firm, or as an in-house recruiter for a healthcare system or hospital. Some recruiters place nurses, others place doctors, and others place technicians and technologists. Additionally, there are recruiters for temporary and permanent positions. Depending on the type of healthcare recruiting job you pursue, there are varying levels of income potential, job stress, knowledge, and skills required.


Medical Receptionist

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Medical receptionist is another great opportunity for workers over 50. It allows a great deal of interpersonal interaction and a comfortable work environment. Additionally, this job doesn't require a great deal of medical knowledge and would be fairly easy to learn even without prior healthcare experience, as long as the employer is willing to provide on-the-job training. While the pay is not highly competitive, it offers enough of an income to make working worthwhile and provide some additional spending money.


Medical Billers and Coders

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Another medical office job that may be a great option for 50+ workers is medical billing and coding. Medical billers and coders help process the medical bills and claims to the insurance companies for reimbursement for medical services provided by the healthcare providers in the office.


Jobs in Other Industries

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If you are not passionate about the healthcare field, you should pursue a career in another field. According to the AARP rankings, top jobs for older workers in other industries include crossing guard, construction estimator, and "move manager."

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