Who can be covered under Medicare? How does it affect my prescription coverage? What do I do if it's not enough? Learn these answers and more with these expert articles.
upset senior man with therapist
Does Medicare Cover Counseling?
Woman reviewing lung scans with doctor
Medicare and Medicaid Coverage for Lung Cancer Patients
Medicare abuse
How to Spot Medicare Abuse and What to Do About It
shingles vaccine
Does Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Cover the Shingles Vaccine?
stem cell therapy
Does Medicare Cover Stem Cell Therapy?
Medicare dental coverage
Does Medicare Cover Dental? Learn More About Your Benefits
Medicare chronic care management
How Medicare Keeps Chronic Conditions in Check
Medicare hospital readmissions
How Medicare Works to Keep You Out of the Hospital
Medicare Annual Enrollment
How to Make the Most of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period
Medicare coverage for breast ultrasound
Medicare Covers Breast Ultrasound, But It Will Cost You
Transgender flags
Medicare Covers Gender Confirmation Surgery on a Case-by-Case Basis
graduate medical education physician shortage doctor shortage
How Medicare Contributes to the Physician Shortage
hospital price transparency
Medicare Sets the Standard for Price Transparency and Fair Pricing
Reading a medical bill
Medicare Coverage for Screening and Diagnostic Colonoscopy
Medicare Auto Enrollment
Different Kinds of Medicare Automatic Enrollment
Medicare Savings Account
How to Take Advantage of a Medicare Medical Savings Account
VA Health Care
Should You Sign Up for Medicare If You Get Care Through the VA?
Medicare COVID vaccine
What Everyone on Medicare Needs to Know About the COVID Vaccine
Medicare and mammograms
Does Medicare Cover Screening or Diagnostic Mammograms?
Medicare home health care
Why It Could Get Harder to Get Medicare Home Health Care
Medicare risk assessment
Medicare Advantage Gets Funded Based on Risk Adjustment Scores
Part B medications
How The Most Favored Nation Model Will Change Part B Drug Coverage
Medicare-approved heart treatments
Medicare and Heart Disease: What Treatments Are Covered?
osteoporosis screening for men and women
Gender Disparities in Medicare Osteoporosis Coverage
Medicare mental health coverage
Medicare Mental Health Coverage: From Addiction to Depression
Medicare and Marijuana
Medicare Limits Access to Marijuana-Derived Medications
Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program MDPP
Medicare and Diabetes: From Prevention to Treatment
ESRD Medicare
ESRD Medicare: Can Medicare Stop Covering Your Kidney Disease?
Medicare Extra Help Program, Low Income Subsidy (LIS)
How the Part D Low-Income Subsidy (Medicare Extra Help Program) Works
Older couple discusses Medicare choices
What Are Premium-Free Medicare Advantage Plans?
Senior woman with her son, talking to an agent
What Are Medicare Agents and Brokers?
Medicare benefit period
4 Things You Need to Know About the Medicare Benefit Period
how to read your medicare summary notice and medicare bill
How to Read Your Medicare Summary Notice
Medicare Special Needs Plan (SNP)
How Medicare Special Needs Plans Work
Medicare prior authorization for cosmetic surgery
What Cosmetic Surgeries Are Covered by Medicare?
Senior woman wearing glasses using laptop at home
Keep an Eye Out for These Medicare Scams
Medicare health savings account
How to Use Medicare and a Health Savings Account Together
Out-of-pocket limits for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans
Out-of-Pocket Limits for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D
Medicare Cost Plan
What is a Medicare Cost Plan and Can You Get One?
Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage
Is Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage the Right Choice for You?
Medicare coverage acupuncture for back pain
Medicare Coverage for Acupuncture and the Treatment of Low Back Pain
Welcome to Medicare Visit Annual Medicare Wellness Visit
Can My Healthcare Provider Charge Me for a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?
Medical appeal Medicare appeals process
What to Expect From the Medicare Appeals Process
Medicare Advanced Beneficiary Notice ABN
How the Medicare ABN Protects You and Saves You Money
social determinants of health care
How Medicare Addresses Social Determinants of Health Care
Doctor looking at clipboard with patient
Don't Get Stuck Paying Medicare Late Penalties
Medicare covers insulin
How Rising Insulin Costs Affect Those on Medicare
Medicare for More of Us: An overview of the various proposals
Expanding Single-Payer Coverage in the United States
Medicare and COVID-19
What Medicare Is Doing About the COVID-19 Pandemic
Medicare Part D opioid policy
CMS Changes Medicare Opioid Guidelines to Curb Narcotic Use
manufacturer drug coupon rebate voucher pharmacy discount
Why You Can't Use Drug Coupons With Medicare Part D
Hand clutching heart
How Much Does Medicare Pay to Prevent and Screen for Heart Disease?
Money, it's all about how you save it
Alternatives to Medicare Part D
A patient presents a health insurance card.
What Is Medicare Part D?
Health insurance helps patients get the medical care they require
What Does Medicare Part D Cover?
Old woman reading instructions for a medicine.
How to Enroll in Medicare Part D
old woman filling piggy bank
How Much Does Medicare Part D Cost?
old couple prevention of diabetes
Who Is Eligible for Medicare Part D?
medicare part b and part d drugs
What Will Happen If Medicare Part B Drug Coverage Moves to Part D?
Coin with downward arrow
What Happens When Medicare Runs Out of Money?