Who can be covered under Medicare? How does it affect my prescription coverage? What do I do if it's not enough? Learn these answers and more with these expert articles.
osteoporosis screening for men and women
Medicare Osteoporosis Coverage Differs for Men and Women
Medicare mental health coverage
How Good Is Medicare Mental Health Coverage?
Medicare and Marijuana
Does Medicare Cover Marijuana and Its Derivatives?
Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program MDPP
How the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program Works
ESRD Medicare
How ESRD Medicare Differs From Traditional Medicare
Medicare Extra Help Program, Low Income Subsidy (LIS)
Save on Part D Costs with Medicare Extra Help
Older couple discusses Medicare choices
Premium-Free Medicare Advantage Plans: Costs, Enrolling
Senior woman with her son, talking to an agent
Medicare Brokers and Agents: How They Help
Medicare benefit period
How Medicare Benefit Periods Work
how to read your medicare summary notice and medicare bill
How to Read Your Medicare Summary Notice
Medicare Special Needs Plan (SNP)
Should You Sign Up for a Medicare Special Needs Plan?
Medicare prior authorization for cosmetic surgery
What Cosmetic Surgeries Are Covered by Medicare?
Senior woman wearing glasses using laptop at home
Keep an Eye Out for These Medicare Scams
Medicare health savings account
Using Medicare and a Health Savings Account Together
It's never been easier to settle your monthly bills
Out-of-Pocket Limits for Medicare
Medicare Cost Plan
Why Are Medicare Cost Plans Being Phased Out?
Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage
When to Choose Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage
Special Enrollment Periods for Medicare
Making Sense of Medicare Special Enrollment
Medicare coverage acupuncture for back pain
Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture for Low Back Pain?
Welcome to Medicare Visit Annual Medicare Wellness Visit
Can My Doctor Charge Me for a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?
Medical appeal Medicare appeals process
How the Medicare Appeals Process Works
Medicare Advanced Beneficiary Notice ABN
How to Use The Medicare ABN to Your Advantage
social determinants of health care
Medicare Addresses Social Determinants of Health Care
Doctor looking at clipboard with patient
What Are Medicare Late Penalties?
Medicare covers insulin
Medicare and the High Cost of Insulin
Medicare for More of Us: An overview of the various proposals
Medicare for More of Us: A Summary of Current Proposals
Medicare and COVID-19
Medicare and COVID-19: What Is Being Done During the Pandemic
Medicare Part D opioid policy
Medicare Opioid Guidelines Change to Curb Opioid Abuse
manufacturer drug coupon rebate voucher pharmacy discount
Why You Can't Use Drug Coupons With Medicare Part D
Senior woman and adult daughter laughing on porch
7 Surprising Things Medicare Should Cover But Does Not
Hand clutching heart
How Medicare Prevents and Screens for Heart Disease
Money, it's all about how you save it
Alternatives to Medicare Part D
Two ambulance EMS vehicles
Medicare Pilots a Change to Its Ambulance Policy
A patient presents a health insurance card.
An Overview of Medicare Part D
Health insurance helps patients get the medical care they require
What Does Medicare Part D Cover?
Old woman reading instructions for a medicine.
How to Enroll in Medicare Part D
old woman filling piggy bank
How Much Does Medicare Part D Cost?
old couple prevention of diabetes
Who Is Eligible for Medicare Part D?
medicare part b and part d drugs
What Drugs Do Medicare Part B and Part D Cover?
Coin with downward arrow
Is Medicare Going to Run Out of Money?
Doctor checking senior mans back in examination room
How Much Medicare Part A Will Cost You in 2021
Mixed race man paying bills on laptop
Understanding Which Insurance Plan Pays First
Part A and SSDI
How Social Security Binds You to Medicare Part A
second medical opinion
Getting a Second Opinion When You Are on Medicare
a doctor listening to the heartbeat of an elderly male patient
How Much Medicare Part B Will Cost You in 2021
Medicare Enrollment Periods
The Complicated Medicare Enrollment Calendar
Frequently Asked Medicare Questions
Senior man taking medication
How GOP Medicare Cuts Would Hurt Seniors
a doctor speaking with an elderly patient
Medicare Protecting You From Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
Part D Costs 2016
Out of Pocket Costs for Medicare Part D in 2021
Senior man being examined by his doctor
Why Am I Being Forced Into Medicare at Age 65?
What to Do About Medicare When You Move
Understand the Disability Requirements for Medicare
A group of older women sitting outside together
How to Qualify Medicare With a Green Card
automatic enrollment
Avoid These 6 Common Medicare Mistakes
An older couple sightseeing abroad
Medicare Coverage Outside of the United States
Doctor comforting patient in wheelchair
Medicare Disability Coverage For Those Under 65
Wallet showing social security card
What To Do With Your New Medicare Card Number
Medicare and Medicaid—What’s the Difference?
Medicare Part D presciption drug donut hole
How Much Will Medicare's Part D Donut Hole Cost You?