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Melanoma is a common and dangerous form of skin cancer, but it can be treated effectively when detected early. Understand its symptoms, risk factors, and more.

Dermatologist examining patient looking for skin cancer
Melanoma: Overview and More
Woman speaking with nurse
Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma
Woman's skin being examined by a dermatologist
The Real Risks of Melanoma Cancer in Young People
vials of blood
The LDH Test for Melanoma and Detection of Metastasis
Woman Having Her Skin Examined
Melanoma – Symptoms, Signs and ABCD Mnemonic
Medical researcher in laboratory checking genes
Cancer Genetics and Melanoma
Close-up of mole on woman's body
How Melanoma Is Staged and Assigned a Breslow Number
Woman undergoing a skin cancer check
Melanoma Risk Factors and Prevention
woman rubbing shoulder
Normal Mole vs. Melanoma: What to Look for in a Self-Exam
Dermatologist examines a mole of female patient
Metastatic Melanoma Treatment Options
surgeon looking at region on the back for melanoma removal
Early-Stage Melanoma Treatment Options
Medical consultation
Pros and Cons of Lymph Node Dissection for Melanoma
Stages of melanoma
What Each Melanoma Stage Means
Doctor examining woman's skin
Mitotic Rate and Your Melanoma Pathology Report
Dermatologist checking a mole
Types of Cancerous Melanoma
doctor feeling woman's lymph node in neck
Lymph Nodes in Relation to Melanoma
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Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment With Interleukin