Mental Health

Mental disorders affect thinking, emotions, and behaviors. They are often associated with distress and trouble functioning in social, work, or other daily activities. 

They are common. It was estimated that one in five American adults experienced mental illness in 2019 and one in 20 had a serious mental disorder.

There are many different types of mental disorders, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychotic disorders. 

Many factors can contribute to the risk of mental disorders. Genetics, life experiences, and biological factors can all play a role. There is no single cause.

Effective treatment for mental disorders generally involve a combination of medications, psychotherapy, and social support and education. These treatment options can help you live well and manage your symptoms.

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Mature adult therapist listens to mid adult male client
What Is Psychology?
Woman talking to therapist
What Is the DSM-5?
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What Is Self-Harm?
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What Is Meditation?
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Internet Gaming Disorder: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
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Shock Therapy: Process, Preparation, Outcomes and more
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Sociopath vs. Psychopath: Characteristics and Differences
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What Are the Similarities and Differences Between SSRIs and SNRIs?
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What Is Anhedonia and How Does It Affect You?
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What Is a Chemical Imbalance?
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Phantom Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
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What You Need to Know About Lexapro and Weight Gain
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How Is Perinatal Depression Diagnosed?
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What Is Antepartum Depression?
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Using Vyvanse for ADHD and Binge Eating Disorder
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The Uses and Potential Side Effects of Anxiolytics
NMDA, AMPA and GABA receptors
GABA: What It Is, Functions, and Disorders
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What Is Catatonia (Catatonic Behavior)?
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What Is Mood Lability?
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What Is Adrenaline?
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Buspar: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Precautions
Depressed and Stressed Young Man Sits on the Edge of Bed at Night, Suffering From Insomnia Because of Sex Problems. His Young Wife Lies Beside Him Feeling Empathy.
What Is Sexual Relationship Disorder?
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Everything You Should Know About Methoprazine
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Is Wellbutrin the Best Antidepressant for Me?
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What Is Lithium?
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What You Should Know About Emotional Support Dog
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What Are the Risks of Combining Oxycodone and Alcohol?
What Is ADHD?
Atarax can be used for anxiety, nausea, itching, or sedation
Atarax: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Precautions
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Sexual Performance Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
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Social Phobia: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Mental health and counseling
What Is the Connection Between Anxiety and Heart Disease?
Young woman with hand on chest-670881151
How to Stop a Panic Attack
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What You Should Know About an Anxiety Attack
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How Generalized Anxiety Disorder Is Diagnosed
Obesessive-compulsive disorder may display cleaning rituals
What Is OCD?
Anxiety disorder is isolating
Understanding Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder
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What Is Hoarding?
worried woman
How Anxiety Disorder Is Diagnosed
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How an Anxiety Disorder Is Treated
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Thalassophobia: Fear of Deep Water
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What Is Trypanophobia?
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Panic Attack Symptoms
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How Hoarding Disorder Is Treated
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Kleptomania: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
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Trichotillomania: What You Should Know About Hair-Pulling Disorder
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Is Trypophobia Real?
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What You Should Know About Claustrophobia
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What Do I Do If My Child Has Separation Anxiety?
Man by window - head in hands
What Is an Anxiety Disorder?
OCD vs. OCPD: What Are the Differences?
A woman with furrowed brows holds her head and looks at her phone
Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms, and Complications
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