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Migraine Treatment

From drugs to natural remedies, choosing a treatment for migraines starts with understanding your options. Learn about the pros and cons of different types of treatment and find one that works for you.

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Nurtec ODT (Rimegepant) – Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Interactions
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Ubrelvy (Ubrogepant) Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Interactions
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Reyvow (Lasmiditan) Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Interactions
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Nerve Block for Migraine: What You Should Know
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The 6 Types of Migraine Shot
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Migraine Nasal Spray: What You Need to Know
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9 Alternative Migraine Treatments
Woman receiving acupressure between the eyes at an acupuncture clinic - stock photo
Here’s What You Need to Know About Acupressure for Migraines
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Here's an Overview of Medications for Migraines
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Why You're Waking Up with Migraine and What You Can Do About It
Getting Rid of a Migraine: A bed with Zs (take a nap), a person with closed eyes (find a quiet, dark place to rest with your eyes closed), water be poured out of a bottle (drink water), a mug of hot liquid (have a caffeinated beverage), pills, a bottle, and a needle (take a medication), a towel
Here Are Some Tips for Getting Rid of Migraines Fast
Is it really worth it to suffer for beauty?
Here’s What You Need to Know About Botox for Migraine
A person listening to headphones with different sound waves on either side of the head (Binaural Beats for Migraine Pain)
Binaural Beats for Migraine
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What You Need to Know About Telehealth for Migraines
Vyepti: An Infused Migraine Preventive Drug
Vyepti (Eptinezumab): An Intravenous Medicine for Migraine Prevention
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What to Know About Your Trokendi XR Prescription
Young woman at home at desk suffering headache
What to Do When You Have a Migraine
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What You Should Know About Diamox (Acetazolamide)
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Can CBD Oil Really Treat a Migraine?
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Can Sumatriptan Soothe Your Migraine?
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Cefaly Neurostimulation: A New Way to Treat Migraine Attacks
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Find Out About the Newest Migraine Treatments
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5 Ways to Optimize Your Migraine Care
woman receiving Chiropractic Massage
Will Chiropractic Care Help My Headaches?
Light therapy
Could Light Therapy Ease Your Migraines?
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Using Anti-Nausea Drugs for Migraine Treatment
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Migraine Medications Can Prevent and Treat Headaches in Kids
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Using Ibuprofen to Treat Headaches and Migraines
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Medications You Can Take to Gain Control Over Migraines
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Migraine Medications That Are Safe During Pregnancy
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Treating Migraines While You're Breastfeeding
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3 Non-Drug Options for Preventing and Treating Migraines
Can You Take Marijuana for Your Migraines?
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What Will the ER Give Me for My Migraine?
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The Health Benefits of Butterbur
How An Over-The-Counter NSAID May Prevent Your Migraines
Will Taking Ibuprofen Help Prevent Migraines?
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Are You a Candidate for Migraine Surgery?
Young Asian woman lying in bed and feeling sick, with a glass of water and medicine on the side table
Can Maxalt Medication Help With Your Migraines?
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"I Have Questions about Taking Imitrex for My Migraines."
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Compazine May Be the Option For Your Severe Headaches and Migraines
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Is Celebrex an Alternative to Ibuprofen for Migraines?
Woman suffering from migraine
How Dihydroergotamine Medication Can Alleviate Your Migraines
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Should You Go to the ER or Urgent Care for a Bad Migraine?
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Top 10 Ways You Can Avoid or Reduce Your Headache and Migraine Pain
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What Can I Take Over-the-Counter for My Headache or Migraine?
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Does Oxitriptan (5-HTP) Supplementation Prevent Migraines?
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Strategies for Managing Your Migraines Naturally
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What Is Craniosacral Therapy?
beautiful woman has a headache. Acupuncture treatment for migraines. Needles in the forehead of a woman close-up on a brown background
Find Out If Acupuncture Can Help Your Migraines
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Soothing Your Headache or Migraine With Lavender or Peppermint Oil