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Migraine Types and Diagnosis

Migraines present themselves in a variety of ways. Learn what to pay attention to so you can work with your doctor on diagnosing the type of migraine you or your family has.

Woman holding stomach in pain
What Are Abdominal Migraines in Adults?
A white male child in bed holding his head; his blonde female caregiver is comforting him.
Migraines: Different in Kids Than Adults
Mother and daughter sitting on a porch talking
How Migraines in Children Differ From Migraines in Adults
Man with migraine
How Migraines Are Diagnosed
What Is Your Migraine Experience?
What Is Your Migraine Profile?
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An Overview of Migraine With Aura
Woman with headache
Symptoms of This Rare Form of Migraine Can Mimic a Stroke
eye pain retinal migraine
Retinal Migraine: A Type of Ocular Migraine Affecting Only One Eye
Woman holding head
When There's No Headache, Is It Still a Migraine?
teen girl with headache
Teen Migraines and Headaches: What's Normal and Dangerous
child with headache in bed
What to Do About Your Child's Migraines
Mixed Race woman rubbing forehead
When Migraines Make You Dizzy
How Hormonal Dips During Your Period Can Trigger a Migraine
young boy with stomach ache at doctor
Is My Child's Stomach Pain a Migraine?
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Score Your Own Migraine Test and Share With Your Healthcare Provider
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When Is Migraine Considered Chronic?
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This Rare Migraine Can Make You Feel Like You're Having a Stroke
Is Visual Snow Syndrome a Migraine Aura?
I Have Migraines and See Lots of Tiny Dots Like Snow
Sinus Infection or Migraine Headache? Learn How to Tell the Difference
There are several types of headaches.
The Many Forms of Migraines
These Migraines Don't Cause Visual Problems, But Can Be Debilitating
Status Migrainosus: When a Migraine Lasts for Over 72 Hours
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What Is a Persistent Migraine Aura Without Infarction?
woman with headache
Why a Refractory Migraine Is Difficult to Diagnose
Doctors Use Screening Tests for Migraines
How Does My Healthcare Provider Diagnose Migraines?
Migraines can lead to seizures.
When Migraines Trigger Seizures