Mood Disorders

Sad teen woman in deep sorrow sitting outside
What Are Affective (Mood) Disorders?
depressed woman
What Is Depression?
Nervous woman at doctor's office
Are Mood Swings a Sign of Bipolar Disorder?
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Depression: Coping, Support, and Living Well
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How Seasonal Affective Disorder is Diagnosed
Light box treatment for seasonal affective disorder
How Seasonal Affective Disorder Is Treated
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How Common Is It to Have Both Anxiety and Depression?
Father sitting next to and looking at displeased son who is 8 or 9 years old
Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder: An Overview
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When Your Loved One Has Bipolar Disorder
persistent depressive disorder
What Is Persistent Depressive Disorder?
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Do I Have Clinical Depression?
Patient having consultation with doctor or psychiatrist working on diagnostic examination in medical clinic or hospital
How Depression Is Diagnosed
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How Depression Is Treated
situational depression
What Is Situational Depression?
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What Is Postpartum Depression?
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Do I Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Depression and sleep deprivation are linked
How Are Sleep Deprivation And Depression Linked?
clinical depression
What Is Clinical Depression?
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How Bipolar Disorder Is Diagnosed
Pregnant woman in blue shirt holds stomach and back and looks down
What You Should Know About Perinatal Depression
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What You Should Know About Premenstrual Dysphoric Syndrome (PMDD)
Bipolar disorder with swings from mania to depression
What Is Bipolar Disorder?
atypical depression
What Is Atypical Depression?
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Management of Bipolar Disorder
A young woman sits on a couch with her unrecognizable therapist. She puts her head in her hand as she looks out the window with a sad expression. Her therapist puts a hand on her shoulder
Depression vs. Anxiety: How It Feels, Symptoms, and Treatment
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How Persistent Depressive Disorder Is Treated
Sad girl on bed
BPD vs. Bipolar: Symptoms and Treatment
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Is Depression Genetic?
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What Are the Differences Between Hypomania and Mania?
Rapid-cycling bipolar disorder
What Is Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder?
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How Persistent Depressive Disorder Is Diagnosed
A woman sitting in front of a light box to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
What Are Light Therapy Lamps and How Are They Used?
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What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?
A solemn-looking woman holds hands with her therapist.
What Is Psychotic Depression?
depression remedies and treatments
8 Natural Depression Remedies to Consider