More Skin Conditions

Skin conditions are as varied as they are similar. Learn about different issues that could affect your skin, how they are diagnosed, and how they may be treated.
Group of young people talking and having fun on couch at home
Here Are Some Tips for Living Well with Vitiligo
Woman scratching her head
Dandruff vs. Dry Scalp: What Are the Differences?
rash around the groin area
Can You Get Heat Rash On Your Groin?
Close-Up Of Woman Scratching Head Against White Background
How Do You Treat an Itchy Scalp?
Woman touching her foot
What Is Palmoplantar Pustulosis?
Bruise on the skin
Petechiae vs. Purpura: What Skin Discoloration Can Tell You About Your Health
Two hands in a handshake; the right hand has white patches of vitiligo.
How Vitiligo Is Diagnosed
A dark-skinned person with vitiligo's hands holding a coffee cup in front of a laptop and a small dish with a croissant.
Causes and Risk Factors of Vitiligo
Doctor and patient in exam room
What to Know About COVID-19 and Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Holding elbow
What May Be Causing Pimples on Your Elbow
A nurse talking to a person before a mammogram
Most of the time a pimple on the nipple is no big deal.
Concern with under breast area
What Causes a Rash Under Your Breast?
dry patches to face
Causes of Dry Patches on Your Face and How to Treat Them
What Is Sebopsoriasis?
how to remove skin tags at home
Can I Remove Skin Tags at Home?
What Is Morphea?
Exercise-Induced Vasculitis
What Is the Disney Rash?
Blistered hand
What Is Bullous Pemphigoid?
common skin growths
Common Skin Growths
Person points out a skin tag of concern
What Is a Skin Tumor?
Types of Skin Lesion: Pictures, Causes, and Treatment
cherry angioma
Red Spots on the Skin: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments
necrotizing fasciitis
What Is Necrotizing Fasciitis?
cold rash
What Is Cold Rash (Cold urticaria)?
Young woman shaving legs
What Are Strawberry Legs?
Skin tags
How Can I Prevent Skin Tags?
dermatologist examining skin
What Is Blanching of the Skin?
Closeup instep or foot of a newborn with a skin peeling on white cloth. Skin allergies in newborn called Vernix. the concept of health care and medical.
Why Your Newborn’s Skin Is Peeling
A man smears cream on his elbows, close-up. - stock photo
What Causes Blotchy Skin?
skin horn
What Is a Skin Horn (Cutaneous Horn)?
skin tag
What Are Genital Skin Tags?
skin induration
Induration: Skin Hardening Signs and Causes
Woman scratching arm
Why Is Your Skin Itchy in the Winter?
A woman with vitiligo is in focus in the foreground, closing her eyes and smiling. Two smiling women stand out of focus in the background.
How Vitiligo Is Treated
older hands with thin skin
What Is Thin Skin?
Woman preparing healthy food in her kitchen
Best Foods for Clear Skin
sun spots on hands of older woman
Sunspots on Skin: Overview, Treatment, and More
beautiful girl with a pigmentation on her half face and white eyelaces. close up portrait.
What Are Skin Pigmentation Disorders?
Psychotherapist is making note
Skin Discoloration: Causes and Treatments
Man shows red psoriasis on his forehead
10 Rare Skin Diseases
Woman looking down at mole on her shoulder
What is a Lesion?
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How to Treat a Chemical Burn From Battery Acid
Dermatologist examining mole of female patient with magnifying glass - stock photo
How to Get Rid of Moles on Skin
Woman scratching arm
How to Get Fiberglass Out of Skin
Silver bars
What Is Argyria?
Women holding tablet during telemedicine visit with provider
Telemedicine for Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Close up of Asian woman worry about her face when she saw the problem of acne and scar by the mini mirror. - stock photo
What Is Fungal Acne?
Person with rosacea, red skin on face
What Is Red Skin?
Face Mites
Do Mites Really Live on Human Skin?
Aged, crepey skin
Crepey Skin: Overview and More
Young Woman Jogging on Brisbane Southbank
What You Should Know About Chafed Skin
Ashy, dry skin
What Is Ashy Skin?
People with different skin pigmentation, including vitiligo
What You Need to Know About Skin Pigmentation
Woman pulling back skin on face and looking in the mirror
How to Tighten Skin
Unknown person gets goosebumps during a cold tropical rainstorm
What Are Goosebumps on the Skin?
Dry skin on elbows
What Is Sensitive Skin?
Blue hand
How Colloidal Silver Causes Blue Skin
Close up of a man´s eye outdoors
Under-Eye Bags: Overview and More
Closed up the Skin Tags or Acrochordon on neck man on white background
How to Remove Skin Tags
Skin diseases
Everything to Know About Autoimmune Skin Conditions