Multiple Sclerosis - Man's brain nerves

Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Multiple sclerosis must be distinguished from other conditions to reach a diagnosis. Learn about the tests your doctor will perform and next steps so you can be better prepared.
Imaging technician talks to person about to have MRI
How MRIs Are Used to Help Diagnose Multiple Sclerosis
Healthcare provider discusses symptoms and tests with person who may have MS or RA
Everything to Know About Multiple Sclerosis vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis
Doctor discusses diagnosis with patient
MS vs. Ankylosing Spondylitis: What Are the Differences?
Laboratory professionals doing blood tests
Can MS Be Diagnosed Through Blood Tests?
Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite Measures MS Disability
Understanding the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite
Worsening Mobility May Be a Sign of MS Progression
Assessing MS Symptoms for Disease Progression
Doctor helping patient with MRI scan
What Is the Multiple Sclerosis Diagnostic Criteria?
Female doctor explaining good test results to her disabled patient in a wheelchair
The Difference Between Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis
Serious Woman Having Consultation With Male Doctor In Hospital Office
Is Multiple Sclerosis Hereditary?
A woman with progressing-relapsing MS using an electric scooter
Multiple Sclerosis Can Worsen Over Time
Doctor and patient talking
What Is Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis?
doctor talking with patient
An Overview of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Man suffering from primary progressive multiple sclerosis standing near steps
An Overview of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS)
an asian chinese male nurse getting ready to perform MRI scan for a male patient in the MRI room
How Primary Progressive MS Is Diagnosed
Doctor and patient using digital tablet in office
How Differences of Lupus and MS Can Help Give a Correct Diagnosis
Nurse taking blood sample Nurse getting blood from on a female donor
The JC Virus Antibody Test & Tysabri
Doctor showing patient his brainscan
An Overview of Clinically Isolated MS
What to expect during an MRI
Everything You Need to Know About MRI for Multiple Sclerosis
Man receiving MRI to diagnose multiple sclerosis
How Multiple Sclerosis Is Diagnosed
doctor talking to patient
Causes and Risk Factors of Multiple Sclerosis
Am I Having A Multiple Sclerosis Relapse?
How to Tell If You're Having an MS Relapse
Doctor using digital tablet with father and son in volunteer clinic
Can Children Be Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis?
patient undergoing MRI
What You Should Know About Safety Risks of Contrast Dyes Used in MRIs
Female doctor using stethoscope to listen to senior male patients breathing during exam
Is Benign Multiple Sclerosis Real?