Multiple Sclerosis - Man's brain nerves

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Weakness, spasticity, and fatigue are common signs of MS, but the condition can affect you in a myriad of ways. Learn more about the symptoms so you can better discuss them with your doctor.
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Emotional and Psychological Symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis
Doctor and patient using digital tablet in office
Differences Between Lupus and MS
Mature woman with head in hands and eyes closed, close-up
How Migraine and Multiple Sclerosis May Be Connected
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ALS and Multiple Sclerosis: Similarities and Differences
Senior woman visiting optician.
Vision Problems Caused By MS
Man having pain on his side
The MS Hug: Understanding Girdle-Band Pain
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Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML): Symptoms, Treatment, and More
Headaches in MS: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatments
woman experiencing vertigo
Vertigo in MS: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
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Multiple Sclerosis: Signs, Symptoms, and Complications
Heat Can Trigger MS Symptoms
How Heat Affects Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
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Tremor as a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis
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Multiple Sclerosis and Breathing Problems
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Hearing Problems and Multiple Sclerosis
Joint pain is a symptom of MS.
Hip and Knee Pain in Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle Stiffness and MS
Muscle Spasticity and Stiffness as a Symptom of MS
cognitive dysfunction and ms
Cognitive Impairment in MS: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
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MS, Optic Neuritis, and Vision Problems
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Multiple Sclerosis and Swallowing Problems (Dysphagia)
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Bladder Dysfunction in MS: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treament
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The Romberg Test: Measuring Balance Impairment in MS
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The Link Between MS and Erectile Dysfunction
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Pseudobulbar Affect in MS: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
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Speech Problems in Multiple Sclerosis: How to Cope
A neurologist examines a brain scan.
Dysdiadochokinesia in MS: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
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Restless Legs Syndrome and MS: Symptoms and Treatment
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What Does MS Pain Feel Like?
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Seizures and Epilepsy in Multiple Sclerosis
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Dysphonia and Other Speech Problems in MS
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Cold Feet as a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis
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Hot Feet in MS: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Mouth Numbness Can Be An Unpleasant Symptom of MS
Mouth Numbness as a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis
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Paroxysmal Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
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Numbness and Tingling as Symptoms of MS
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Itchiness as a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis
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Muscle Twitches: MS and Other Possible Causes
Man with back pain
Low Back Pain in Multiple Sclerosis: Causes and Treatments
Trigeminal Neuralgia and MS
Trigeminal Neuralgia in MS: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
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Constipation in MS: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
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Cold Weather and MS Symptoms: Effects and How to Cope
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How the Cerebellum Is Affected in MS
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Peripheral Neuropathy and MS: How They Differ
Section through a human brain
MS Brainstem Lesions and Their Impact
Man suffering from primary progressive multiple sclerosis standing near steps
Primary Progressive MS: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment
Hyperacusis in a woman with multiple sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis and Hyperacusis
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Uhthoff's Phenomenon: Heat and Multiple Sclerosis
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Aphasia in Multiple Sclerosis: Causes and Symptoms
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Dysesthesia in MS: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment