Multiple Sclerosis - Man's brain nerves

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Weakness, spasticity, and fatigue are common signs of MS, but the condition can affect you in a myriad of ways. Learn more about the symptoms so you can better discuss them with your doctor.
Shock-like pain down the spine is one type of pain seen in multiple sclerosis
Is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Painful?
MS Affects Everyone Uniquely
What Are the Stages of Multiple Sclerosis?
Eye Problems May Be First Sign of MS
What Are the Early Signs and Symptoms of MS?
Female doctor showing test results to middle-aged couple in a hospital.
Signs of MS in Women vs Men
Mature woman with headache at home
MS Attack (Relapse): Symptoms, Triggers, What To Do
Young woman pushing an older woman in a wheelchair through a park
Symptoms and Complications of Advanced MS
Doctor checking MRI images on tablet PC
What Is the Link Between Transverse Myelitis and Multiple Sclerosis?
muscular pain
Weakness, Spasticity, and Balance Problems in MS
Headaches are a symptom of both fibromyalgia and MS.
How Fibromyalgia and MS are Similar and Different
Angry young woman on the phone at the window
The Emotional and Psychological Rollercoaster of Living With MS
Doctor and patient using digital tablet in office
How Differences of Lupus and MS Can Help Give a Correct Diagnosis
Mature woman with head in hands and eyes closed, close-up
How Migraines and MS are Connected
Senior Caucasian woman rubbing her hands
Similarities and Differences Between Multiple Sclerosis and ALS
Senior woman visiting optician.
Multiple Sclerosis and Your Eyes
Man having pain on his side
What Is the MS Hug?
elderly woman with hands covering face
PML Is a Serious Brain Infection Associated With Certain MS Treatments
Headaches May Be More Prevalent in People with MS
woman experiencing vertigo
Is Your Vertigo Related to MS?
woman at doctor discussing uterine fibroids
The Many Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
Heat Can Trigger MS Symptoms
Why MS Symptoms Can Be Triggered By Even a Slight Temperature Increase
Old hands help
Tremor—A Common Symptom in Multiple Sclerosis
Older woman coughing into her hand
Trouble Breathing Is an Uncommon Problem in MS
Doctor checking woman's ear
MS-Related Nerve Damage Can Cause Hearing Loss
Joint pain is a symptom of MS.
MS Is a Possible Cause of Knee or Hip Pain
Muscle Stiffness and MS
Understanding Spasticity and Stiffness in Multiple Sclerosis
cognitive dysfunction and ms
Tips on Managing Cognitive Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis
Low angle view of a businessman suffering from a headache
Optic Neuritis Is a Common Sign of MS
Man in wheelchair cutting fruit
Choking on Food Can Be an Effect of Multiple Sclerosis
man flushing toilet
How to Treat Urinary Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
Physical therapist doing a neurological exam with a young boy.
The Romberg Test: Assessing Balance in MS
Couple consulting with doctor
The Link Between MS and Erectile Dysfunction
Woman laughing in restaurant
MS Can Cause Outbursts of Inappropriate Crying and Laughing
Senior woman complaining to her doctor about her tonsils
Communicating Clearly Can Be Frustrating if MS Affects Your Speech
A neurologist examines a brain scan.
MS Symptoms That Can Affect Balance and Speech
Distressed looking man sitting on hospital bed, head in hand, night
RLS Can Ruin Your Sleep and Increase Daytime Fatigue
Man having pain on his side
What Does MS Pain Feel Like?
Neurology slide show
The Connection Between Seizures, Epilepsy, and Multiple Sclerosis
Two women looking at each other
Dysphonia? Dysarthria? Unusual Terms for Common Speech Problems in MS
Feet in socks being warmed by a fire in a brick fireplace.
When Your Feet Feel Cold—But Only to You
Bare Feet of a Young Woman on Blue Bed
When Your Feet Feel Hot, But They're Not
Mouth Numbness Can Be An Unpleasant Symptom of MS
Mouth Numbness as a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis
Female doctor explaining report to patient on digital tablet in clinic
Should You Be Worried About MS Symptoms That Come and Go?
Senior woman standing touching hand
Numbness and Tingling as Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
man scratching head
Unexplained Itchiness on Both Sides of Your Body Might Signal MS
Physical therapist working on woman's leg
Are Muscle Twitches a Symptom of MS?
Man with back pain
Low Back Pain in MS Has Many Potential Causes—and Treatments
Trigeminal Neuralgia and MS
Is Severe Facial Pain a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis?
Constipated man
Strategies to Manage Constipation With MS
man in pain laying down
How Cold Temperatures Affect MS Symptoms
Human brain model and stethoscope on background of brain waves f
Lesions in This Part of the Brain Can Affect Balance and Thinking
Man in wheelchair
Peripheral Neuropathy and Multiple Sclerosis Have Some Similarities
Section through a human brain
Subtle Signs of Brainstem Lesions in MS
Man suffering from primary progressive multiple sclerosis standing near steps
An Overview of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS)
Hyperacusis in a woman with multiple sclerosis
How Multiple Sclerosis Can Make You More Sensitive to Noise
Woman drying hair standing at bathroom vanity
Why Heat Worsens Your MS Symptoms
Opening pill case
Aphasia and MS: A Rare Symptom
elderly woman with hand pain
Dysesthesia Can Be Disconcerting, But Isn't Dangerous