Muscles are tissues that contract to help parts of the body move. Learn more about how muscles work, what they look like, and how they're treated.
A woman stretching their muscles in the gym
What Are Voluntary Muscles?
Midsection of a woman with her hands on her aching stomach
The Lower Esophageal Sphincter and Its Role in GERD
Back muscles
Back Muscles: Anatomy, Function, and Rehab Considerations
anatomy of heart
The Heart: Anatomy, Function, and Conditions
Medical: pains and sprains - stock photo
Learn About the Anatomy of the Peroneus Brevis
Woman with jaw pain
This Is How We Chew It: Anatomy of the Masseter
Anatomy of the brachialis muscle.
The Brachialis Muscle: Anatomy, Function, Rehab
The pectineus muscle may be strained in a groin pull injury
Pectineus Muscle Everything You Need to Know
Iliacus muscle
Anatomy and Function of the Iliacus Muscle
Hypertrophy: Increase in Muscle Cell Size
Photo of a woman stretching her groin.
The Gracilis Muscle of Your Inner Thigh: Anatomy and Function
Woman tapping on smart watch at home
Brachioradialis Anatomy: Function, Injury, and Rehab
Gym workout.
Pec Minor: What You Should Know About This Important Muscle
Anatomical photo of the lower leg.
Anatomy of the Peroneus Longus Muscle
Man placing kinesiology tape on shins
Anterior Tibialis Muscle Is Responsible for Your Shin Splints
Woman stretching her hip flexor
Anatomy of the Iliopsoas Muscle
External intercostal muscles
External Intercostals: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Photo of a man performing a bench press.
Pec Major: Anatomy and Function
Photo of runner's quads.
Anatomy of the Vastus Medialis
Woman's gluteus muscle and body structure.
The Anatomy of the Gluteus Minimus
Unrecognizable athletic woman exercising on stationary bike in a gym.
The Anatomy of the Gluteus Maximus
Sporty couple stretching quads before a run
The Vastus Lateralis: Anatomy, Function, and Rehab
Woman in a yoga pose, stretching the deltoid muscle
The Anatomy of the Deltoid Muscle
front view of the arm of a young athlete woman with a dumbbell
What Do the Biceps Muscles Do?
Woman suffering from shoulder pain, France
What Does the Serratus Anterior Muscle Do?
Closeup of the back of a man's calf as he jogs up stairs
Soleus Muscle: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Photo of a man performing calf raises in a gym.
Anatomy and Function of the Calf Muscle
muscular legs of runner man running on trial mountain sea bay
Sartioris: The Tailor's Muscle Anatomy and Function
Man holding his painful elbow
What Is a Tendon Sheath?
Photo of a man examination a patient's knee.
Synovium and Synovial Fluid Keep Your Joints Healthy
Lift for the love of good health
What Does Your Latissimus Dorsi Do?
My neck has been in pain the whole week
The Key Muscle for Your Neck Function
Gluteus Medius muscle
The Anatomy of the Gluteus Medius Muscle
Woman Doing Leg Extensions
What Exactly Are the Quad Muscles?
Rear View Of Female Athlete Against Black Background
What Are the Paraspinal Muscles?
Model of the human body showing trapezius muscle
The Anatomy of the Trapezius Muscle
Woman Putting Hair In Poney Tail
The 4 Muscles That Make Up the Rotator Cuff

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