Naheed Ali, MD



Millions of people suffer from liver disorders, and some go undiagnosed. Understanding clinical disorders such as hepatitis helps patients and readers to know what they are facing from a medical and personal standpoint. It’s very evident that action needs to be taken on the subject so that diagnosis and subsequent treatment may be completed in the most effective manner.

Today, healthcare professionals and readers alike tend to believe that hepatitis is a simple, straightforward disorder that comes with a plain 1-step solution. The fact is: hepatitis can be a complicated issue at any age. A comprehensive understanding of this disorder entails changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and support. With sincerity, I hope that my expertise on the subject will empower both patients and knowledge seekers to overcome hepatitis in more ways than one.


An experienced academic and general public speaker with well over 2000
hours of live lectures behind him, Dr. Ali began speaking and writing
professionally as an undergrad, when he was published as
a sole author of a high-impact academic journal article. For years,
he taught at colleges where he lectured on biomedical topics.


Naheed Ali received a biology degree and later went on to earn his
Medical Degree (MD) in 2008. He completed lifestyle medicine and
nutrition training from Harvard Medical School in 2012, before
graduating high honors with a PhD in holistic health in 2013.

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