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Navigating Your Diagnosis

Take an active role in working with your doctor to reach a diagnosis, and learn what to do to explore a second opinion, advocate for different testing, and more.
Senior man holding ice pack on knee
Acute and Subacute Pain Differences
Although little is known about W-18, it has been implicatated in numerous drug deaths
The Differences Between Sepsis and Septicemia
Female patient listening to diagnosis from doctor
The 5 Keys to Making the Most Informed Health Decisions
A doctor and a patient in a hospital ward.
What Indolent Means in a Medical Diagnosis
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Outdated Terms for Diseases and Conditions
A doctor and a patient.
When Your Doctor Tells You It's All in Your Head
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Why Hospitals Ask for Your Social Security Number
Male patient and doctor in discussion in exam room
Using Differential Diagnosis to Confirm Your Illness
A doctor looks into a microscope.
Medical Test Reliability
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Using Health on the Net to Find Credible Information
Woman reviewing X-Rays with doctor
How Common Is Misdiagnosis or Missed Diagnosis?
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Are You Seeing the Right Specialist?
A doctor and a patient
What to Do When You Can't Get a Diagnosis
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Understanding Your Medical Test Results
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Common Feelings When Waiting for a Diagnosis
A patient meets with a doctor.
Asymptomatic: Definition, Importance, and Controversy
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Food Safety and How to Prevent Food Poisoning