Nerves carry electrical signals from one part of the body to another, helping us move, breathe, and more. To better understand your body, explore how different nerves look and work.

Feeling nasal pain
Nasociliary Nerve: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Illustration of a nerve cell.
Enteric Nervous System: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
A doctor points to the mental foramen, a small opening in the jaw that the mental nerve passes through.
The Anatomy of the Mental Nerve
Basal ganglia
What Are Ganglia?
The ear
Vestibulocochlear Nerve: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
A close-up view of the interior of the ear featuring the cochlea and semi-circular canals. - stock illustration
Learn About the Anatomy of the Vestibular Nerve
Cochlear Nerve's Role in Hearing: A Complex Phenomenon
The Anatomy of the Cochlear Nerve
Close up of teenage boy's face
The Anatomy of the Buccal Nerve
Pointing to supraorbital nerve on a model of a skull
The Supraorbital Nerve: A Sensory Nerve for the Face
Photo of the brachial plexus.
Nerve Plexus: Function, Structure, and Location
Chewing and salivating are functions of the otic ganglion
A Nerve Hub That Deals With Salivation and Chewing
Doctor examining patient's throat in ward
The Nerve That Impacts Your Voice and Pitch
Bell's palsy affects the geniculate ganglion
The Geniculate Ganglion: Taste, Tears, and Facial Expression
Rheumatoid arthritis, general practitioner examining patient and hand for signs of rheumatoid arthri
The Nerve That Gives Us the Opposable Thumb
Exercising lats
The Nerve That Moves Your Lats
Dental drilling of lower tooth
Learn About the Nerve Your Dentist Numbs to Work on Your Lower Teeth
Human brain x-ray - stock photo
The Anatomy of the Maxillary Nerve
TMJ pain
The TMJ Nerve and What Else It Does
Tilting head
The Accessory Nerve Controls Shoulder and Neck Function
Shoulder pain
You Can't Throw a Baseball Without This Nerve
Looking to side uses the abducens nerve
The Nerve that Let's You Look Out of the Corner of Your Eye
Rear View of Woman Stretching After Indoor Cycling
The Nerve That Lets You Flex Your Guns
Spinal cord
Find Out What Your Spinal Cord Does
Cranial Nerves
The Cranial Nerves Supply Your Face and More
illustration showing the structures of the brachial plexus
The Anatomy of the Brachial Plexus
Photo of a doctor examining a man's shoulder.
The Long Thoracic Nerve: Mover of the Serratus Anterior
Human brain, illustration
Astrocytes: Anatomy, Location, and Function
Woman exercising on a porch
The Obturator Nerve and What it Does
Eye, eyelid & eyelashes -details
The Nerve That Moves Your Eye and Allows You to Blink
Young woman have problem speaking
The Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve and Your Ability to Speak
Tasting and swallowing
The Glossopharyngeal Nerve and What it Does
The Chorda Tympani Nerve and What It Does
A woman points one foot and flexes the other.
Foot Drop and the Deep Peroneal Nerve
Skin Care
What Is the Superficial Peroneal Nerve?
A young woman sticks her tongue out.
What Is the Hypoglossal Nerve?
Back problems.
The Anatomy of the Sciatic Nerve
Physiotherapist, chiropractor doing a cranial sacral therapy to a man patient. Activating trigeminal nerve. Osteopathy.
Understanding the Trigeminal Nerve
Help your skin along
The Anatomy of the Facial Nerve
A woman's calf is colored red along the outside, where the superficial peroneal nerve runs.
What Does the Common Peroneal Nerve Do?
Woman has hand pain could not use Laptop
The Anatomy of the Median Nerve
Synapse illustration
Synapses in the Nervous System
Nerve pain
The Anatomy of the Trigeminal Ganglion
Man and doctor
Your Spinal Nerves Are the Major Nerves of Your Body
Woman stretching neck
The Cervical Plexus Controls Your Arm, Upper Back, and Neck
Cropped shot of young woman scratching her forearm with fingers
The Anatomy of the Radial Nerve
Running through a treatment plan with a patient
The Anatomy of the Phrenic Nerve
Male runner stretching his thigh muscle
What is the Lumbar Plexus?
Woman in a gym stretching her arm and shoulder
The Axillary Nerve: A Major Nerve in Your Shoulder and Upper Arm
Doctor showing patient a model of the spine and pelvis
The Pudendal Nerve and What it Does (Hint: It's Involved in Sex)
Doctor examining man with lower back pain
The sacral plexus is a large group of lower spinal nerves
Closeup of a human eye
The Trochlear Nerve and What It Does
Woman with jaw pain talking to her doctor
The Mandibular Nerve and Why It's Important
woman touching her jaw, lingual nerve
The Lingual Nerve and What It Does
Nurse examining man's elbow
What Your "Funny Bone" Nerve is All About
Closeup of a woman's eye
Optic Nerve Anatomy
Closeup of woman's eye and side of nose
What Is the Ophthalmic Nerve?
Closeup of a woman's foot
Foot Pain and the Tibial Nerve
Portrait of smiling young woman smelling flowers
What Does the Olfactory Nerve Do?
Thigh nerves
What is the Femoral Nerve?
Human nerve cells
How the Autonomic Nervous System Works

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