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    Apple Health app sharing feature.
    New Apple Feature Allows You to Share Health App Data With Doctors
    A woman testing her blood sugar.
    Study: Diabetes Blood Sugar Control for U.S. Adults Is Getting Worse
    Emergency room entrance.
    American Indians and People in Rural Areas Travel Farther for Stroke Care
    Hands holding a double helix.
    Study Identifies the Genes That Increase Your Risk of Depression
    Tray of asparagus.
    Tiktokers Say Asparagus Can Cure a Hangover. Is That True?
    Man stretching early in the morning.
    Getting up an Hour Earlier Could Lower Your Risk of Depression
    Woman receiving a vaccine
    Study: Flu Vaccine in Pregnancy Doesn't Lead to Health Issues for Kids
    people protesting anti-trans health care legislation
    How One Organization Is Working to Combat the Uptick in Anti-Trans Legislation
    Portrait of a Black American football player on a black background.
    NFL Pledges to End Anti-Black Practices When Deciding Brain Injury Claims
    Woman struggling with a headache.
    FDA Approves First Drug for Migraine Treatment and Prevention
    A black mom and a toddler reading a book
    Why Your Child's First 5 Years of Learning Matter for Adulthood
    Pride month illustration.
    Proposals to Limit Health Care for Trans Youth Are a Problem. Will They Pass?
    Woman putting sunscreen on her arm.
    What to Know About the Carcinogen Benzene Found in Some Popular Sunscreens
    A Black female doctor examines a Black female patient in a hospital bed.
    More People Are Turning to the Emergency Room for Fibroid Care
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Prognosis
    IV bag
    Why Is the FDA Approval of a New Alzheimer's Drug So Controversial?
    A person with light brown skin pouring medication into their hand.
    Study: People Are More Likely to Take Their Medication if It’s Free
    Prescription pills.
    Study Identifies Who Is Most at-Risk For Opioid Abuse
    A photo taken in a forested area with a sign on a tree, a yellow triangle warning sign with an image of a tick on it.
    Is It a Bad Year for Ticks? It Depends on Where You Live
    Illustration of a closed fist and an open hand.
    Study: Narcissistic Traits Can Lead to Aggression and Violence
    Someone washing lettuce in a kitchen sink.
    TikTokers Are Drinking Lettuce Water to Sleep Better. Does It Work?
    Cicadas on a barbecue.
    FDA: Don't Eat Cicadas If You're Allergic to Seafood
    Abortion illustration.
    Texas Law Bans Abortions as Early as 6 Weeks. Here's What That Means
    Older woman in wheelchair.
    Why More Families Are Turning to Nursing Home Alternatives
    Mental health illustration.
    You Can Get SAD In the Summer, Too
    Illustration of people struggling with mental health.
    Data Finds Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health Diagnoses
    Illustration of heart with pacemaker
    Yes, Politics Can Cause Your Heart to Skip a Beat
    pouring a glass of milk from a jar
    New Research Says Drinking Milk Is Not Linked to High Cholesterol
    brain image made out of pills
    How a Daily Migraine Sufferer Got Her Life Back
    Sources of protein.
    Animal and Plant-Based Proteins May Not Pack the Same Punch
    Woman practicing meditation.
    Too Much Mindfulness Can Worsen Your Mental Health
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Sequelae
    Menstrual products on a pink background.
    Color-Changing Tampons and Pads Could Help You Detect Yeast Infections
    A muffin tin full of bright blue muffins.
    Will Eating Blue Muffins Tell You Anything About the Health of Your Poop?
    A woman with pale skin and a green shit stretching while sitting down.
    Pacing Yourself Can Help With Chronic Pain and Fatigue
    DHA supplements.
    Taking a Larger Dose of DHA Supplements May Reduce Premature Birth Risks
    A Black girl using an inhaler, next to a Black doctor or nurse and a parent.
    Will Your Child Develop Asthma? Researchers Identify 3 Major Risk Factors
    Doctor consulting with a patient and his daughter.
    Why Experts Say Social Support Should Be Part of Your Next Prescription
    Dandelion tea
    TikTokers Are Eating Dandelions. Is It Healthy?
    A photo of black fungus growing on wet soil.
    What Is Black Fungus and Why Is It Surging in India?
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Prodrome
    Woman breastfeeding a child.
    Study Finds High Levels of Toxic Chemicals in Mothers' Breast Milk
    A doctor guiding a patient.
    How 3 AAPI Doctors Are Providing Culturally Sensitive Care
    Portrait of a woman in a black and white striped tank top standing against a white wall, off to the left side of the frame. She is holding two eggs up in front of her eyes.
    6 Foods To Support Eye Health, According To A Dietitian
    Illustration of someone standing on a scale.
    Study: BMI Measurements Should Be Tailored To Race and Ethnicity
    Two unseen people preparing pasta on a stovetop.
    Study: Eating Pasta 3 Times a Week Might Be Good For You
    Woman eating a green salad.
    Eating 1 Cup of Green Leafy Vegetables Can Support Heart Health
    doctor looking in child's ear
    Study: Ear Tube Surgery for Kids Not Much Better Than Antibiotics
    Older woman getting her heart beat checked.
    Having a Healthy Heart May Support Brain Function As You Age
    Image of a Papaya.
    TikTokers Try Eating Papaya Seeds to Treat Parasites. Does It Work?
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Benign
    An older adult and an adult woman laughing together
    Feeling Younger Than Your Age May Be Good For Your Health
    woman with breast cancer.
    Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Is More Deadly for Black Women
    Older adult celebrating 100th birthday.
    Study: Genetics Contribute to Living Over 105 Years
    An illustration of a woman holding a heart.
    Experts: Women Need to Make Heart Health a Priority
    Flaky salt on a brown wooden spoon on a black background.
    Study Suggests Eating Too Much Salt May Affect Immune Cell Function
    Workplace discrimination protest outside of Supreme Court.
    U.S. Restores LGBTQ+ Protections from Healthcare Discrimination
    aMRI technology.
    New 3D MRI Shows the Brain in Detail We've Never Seen Before
    Pharmacy sign.
    One-Third of Neighborhoods in Major U.S. Cities Are Pharmacy Deserts
    woman drinking milk
    8 Foods to Support Your Bone Health