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    Blood transfusion bag.
    Officials Question Why FDA Continues to Restrict Gay Blood Donors
    Woman in nature looking at the mountains.
    Spending More Time in Nature Can Help You Feel Better About Your Body
    Cropped image of an unseen child's face, they have their tongue sticking out a little and are holding a red paper french fry holder.
    McDonald’s Instagram Ads Seem to Target Low-Income Kids
    ER doctor facing mental health challenges amid pandemic burnout
    Op-Ed: America's Health Care Depends on Women
    Fruits and vegetables.
    CDC: Only 1 in 10 Americans Eat Enough Produce
    A bowl of pink yogurt with seeds, nuts, bananas, and coconut on a light pink background.
    20 Grams of Fiber a Day May Improve Outcomes for Melanoma Patients
    A person experiencing pain in their hand joints.
    How Much Money You Make May Play a Role in Your Health Anxieties
    Drawing of a caregiver and a woman with alzheimer's disease
    CMS: Alzheimer's Patients Must Be Enrolled in Clinical Trial to Take Aduhelm
    injection sites illo
    Will NYC’s Supervised Injection Sites Bolster Overdose Prevention Efforts in Other Cities?
    2022 illustration.
    Weight Loss Shouldn’t Be Your 2022 Health Goal. Try These Instead
    Man walking in the city with his child.
    NYC Report Outlines Asian and Pacific Islander Health Disparities
    2021 - 2022
    8 Health and Medicine Milestones From 2021
    GMO food
    GMO Foods Will Be Labeled 'Bioengineered'
    Health In Her Hue app.
    How One App Is Helping Black Women Find Culturally Competent Care
    A person sitting on a bed in silhouette.
    Scientists Call For More Research on Treatment-Resistant Depression
    Spraying Pesticides On Produce
    Is the Pesticide Residue on Fruits and Veggies a Health Concern?
    women exchanging gifts with champagne
    Why Giving–and Receiving–Is Good for You
    A female-presenting mixed-race doctor talking to a young female-presenting white patient in an office.
    Doctors: Talk to All Sexually Active Patients About HIV Prevention
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: R₀
    a white man sitting cross legged on a carpet wearing a VR headset
    FDA Approves Virtual Reality Device to Treat Chronic Pain
    Person listening to music.
    Logic’s Song '1-800-273-8255' May Have Saved Hundreds of Lives
    woman sitting outside in the sun
    What Can We Do About the Youth Mental Health Crisis?
    pouring coffee
    There Are So Many Health Studies on Coffee. Which One Should You Trust?
    abortion pills
    FDA Permanently Allows Mail Order Abortion Pills
    U.S. Supreme Court.
    Supreme Court Allows Challenge to Texas Abortion Ban, but Leaves It in Effect
    Dandelion tea illustration.
    I Tried Swapping Coffee for Dandelion Tea. It's About Balance
    Woman doing blood sugar test.
    Diabetes More Common in People with Certain Mental Health Conditions
    Model of a human stem cell on a cyan background.
    Stem Cells Could Change the Lives of People With Type 1 Diabetes
    Child and mother.
    CDC: 1 in 44 American Children Are Diagnosed With Autism
    An unseen teen on their bed with cozy socks and a sweater and fairy lights in the background; they're scrolling on their phone.
    Ask an Expert: How Can We Help Teens Posting About Self-harm?
    Chris Noth
    Is Peloton a 'Big' Problem For Heart Health?
    fish illo
    Some Sources of Saturated Fats May Actually Lower Heart Disease Risk, Study Finds
    Woman using a smart phone.
    Your Smartphone May Be Able to Detect Your Anxiety
    Joe Biden announcing HIV plan.
    President Biden Announces Plan to End HIV Epidemic by 2030
    drug costs
    13 Million Americans Per Year Skip Medicine Due to High Prescription Cost
    Free HIV testing.
    CDC: New HIV cases in the U.S. Are Dropping–But Not for All
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Viable
    A person in pain on a bed holding their stomach/pelvis.
    90% Of People With Endometriosis Report Being Dismissed by Doctors and Family
    Bowl of Prunes
    Why Prunes Should Be Your Go-to Holiday Snack
    Family consulting with a doctor.
    Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Exist in Every State, Report Finds
    woman drinking from water bottle after exercise
    Sports Drinks Aren't Always Good for Hydration
    Woman hydrating.
    Heat Waves Can Be Dangerous, Even If You're Young
    Jared Butler
    NBA's Jared Butler Is Raising Awareness for Genetic Heart Disease
    dirty chemicals on water
    The EPA Finally Plans to Regulate Toxic, Widespread 'Forever Chemicals'
    sick on couch with cats
    Flu Cases, Deaths, and Vaccine Stats
    A white older adult female listening to music with white headphones.
    Listening to Loved Songs on Repeat May Help People With Dementia
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Variant
    female dietitians holding a tray of ice cream
    A Hospital In Israel Found a 'Cool' Way to Help Malnourished Patients
    Illustration of someone staring at a plate of food.
    Study Finds Hospitalizations for Eating Disorders Doubled During the Pandemic
    An illustration of a person with long hair laying on a bed or rug, the colors are brown and blue and beige.
    How to Practice Mindfulness the Right Way
    A white, blonde-haired child frowning at a plate of food.
    How Can Parents Better Help Kids With Picky Eating Habits?
    woman checking blood sugar
    AMA and CDC Want to Let People Know Pre-Diabetes Is Reversible
    Mental health illustration.
    Experimental Treatment Could Dramatically Help 4 in 5 Patients with Severe Depression
    many new clean tampons and one used bloody tampon - period or menstruation flat lay concept with fake blood
    This City Requires Public Restrooms to Provide Period Products for Free
    eating disorder in men ill
    Why Some Men Are Reluctant to Open Up About Eating Disorders
    I tried it illustration.
    I Tried Quitting Social Media. It Didn’t Revolutionize My Health
    breathing exercise
    How Does Deep Breathing Improve Your Digestion?
    hand signal closeup
    These 'Distress Signals' May Help You Get Out of an Unsafe Situation
    spices canva template
    Your Herbs and Spices May Contain Lead and Other Heavy Metals
    person pouring almond milk in cereal
    Experts: Nutritional Standards Needed for Non-Dairy Milk