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    A young Black woman talking to a therapist or social worker; you can't see either of their faces.
    Research Highlights the Need for Individualized Anorexia Treatment
    Woman holding a phone.
    How Tiktok Can Create Community for Eating Disorder Recovery
    Bird flu.
    First Cases of H5N8 Bird Flu Are Asymptomatic—Experts Say That's Promising
    prescription pill bottle
    How to Get Your Prescriptions During a Disaster or Crisis
    Woman getting her blood pressure measured.
    'Normal' Blood Pressure Threshold May Differ Between Men and Women
    Woman holding a marijuana joint and lighter.
    How to Talk to Your Doctor About Marijuana
    Mother putting snow year on small child.
    How to Stay Warm During Winter Storms and Power Outages
    A photo of equipment for use during a power outage like bottles of water, candles, and flashlights.
    8 Tips for Eating Safely During a Power Outage or Boil Water Advisory
    A man napping on the couch with his small dog.
    Love Napping? It Might Be in Your Genes
    teen sisters on couch scrolling on cell phones
    Time Spent on Social Media Increases Suicide Risk in Girls—But Not Boys
    Someone hands holding a mug of black coffee before drinking.
    Struggle With Heart Issues? Drinking Coffee in Moderation Won't Hurt
    female heart checkup
    When Chest Pain Isn't a Heart Attack: A Look at Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction
    Woman sneezing into a tissue.
    Climate Change Is Driving Longer, More Severe Pollen Seasons, Study Finds
    Person holding cup of coffee tea
    Coffee and Green Tea May Reduce Death Risk After Stroke or Heart Attack
    Nike new hands-free shoe.
    What Nike’s First Hands-Free Shoe Means for the Disability Community
    Smog over Los Angeles.
    Study: Air Pollution Increases Cardiovascular Disease Risk
    pads on shelf at store
    10% of College-Aged Women Are Struggling With Lack of Access to Menstrual Products
    Young woman making a healthy meal at home.
    Study: Your Diet May Play a Role in PTSD Risk
    Girl bogged down by heavy backpack - stock illustration.
    Study: Childhood Trauma May Impact Development of Multiple Sclerosis
    Monitors used during heart surgery.
    New Mechanical Heart Valve Design Has Potential to Reduce Need for Blood Thinners
    pharmacy payment
    Drugs Cost Over Twice As Much in the U.S. Than in Other Countries, Report Finds
    Researcher testing blood.
    Researchers Explore Gene Editing As a New Cure for Blood Disorders
    Illustration of breast cancer survivors.
    Female Breast Cancer Is Now the Most Common Cancer in the World
    Close up of a fair-skinned person's mouth and nose, they have acne on their chin. The rest of their face is not visible.
    10 Years of Studies Link Acne Breakouts to Diet
    Midsection of businessman using smart phone while standing on footbridge in city.
    How Apps Can Help Migrants Achieve Better Health Outcomes
    Woman with a headache.
    Stress and Lack of Sleep Can Cause Concussion-Like Symptoms, Study Shows
    man at doctor's office holding pills and prescription bottle
    New Drug, Onureg, Helps Older Adults in Maintenance Therapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    Large fields of wheat crops.
    How Scientists Are Engineering Allergy-Free Wheat and Peanuts
    holding elderly hand red blanket
    Dying at Home May Improve Patient Satisfaction Surrounding End-of-Life Care
    A digital illustration of a brain connected to a heart.
    AHA: Mental Health Plays a Role in Treating and Preventing Heart Disease
    Cleaning cutting board
    Researchers Are Screening Social Media to Help Identify Foodborne Illness
    An older white woman having a mammogram, being helped by a white woman in a pink scrubs.
    First Mammogram Guidelines Released for Breast Cancer Survivors 75 and Over
    Doctor holding a syringe for an injection.
    FDA Approves First Injectable Drug for HIV Treatment
    A bowel of plain yogurt with blueberries and walnuts.
    8 Foods To Help Support Healthy Blood Pressure
    Doctor examining a patient's brain scans.
    Study: New Test May Accurately Predict Depression Based on Proteins in the Brain
    A person holding an iPad with a website for a doctor on the screen.
    Doctor-Rating Websites Often Inaccurate, Study Finds
    Woman with cancer discussing with nurse.
    Study: Androgen Therapy Shows Promise as a Breast Cancer Treatment
    Doctor looking at MRI scans of the brain.
    Study: Brain Stimulation Can Be Individualized to Treat Depression
    Illustration of a green January 2021 calendar with a teal ribbon for cervical cancer awareness month on a teal background
    Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: What Experts Want You to Know
    Artificial Sweetener Packets.
    Study: Daily Artificial Sweetener Intake May Not Increase Diabetes Risk in Healthy Adults
    A Black woman (her face is not fully visible) checking her blood sugar, there is a plate of vegetables on the table in front of her.
    Study Shows Low-Carb Diets May Help Put Diabetes in Remission
    Woman holding head by computer screen with a headache.
    Study: Rare Disorder That Causes Headaches Is on the Rise, Especially in Women
    Older man in a wheelchair uses a virtual reality headset.
    Virtual Reality Therapy May Help Improve Your Own Self Image
    Microscope examining drop of blood from blood tests.
    Study Identifies Most Important Genetic Factors in Breast Cancer Risk
    brain scans
    New Research Identifies 3 Different Alzheimer's Subtypes
    Illustration of young man struggling mentally.
    Managing Your Mental Health Earlier in Life May Lead To Better Physical Health
    Illustration of man practicing meditation.
    Mindfulness Can Help Improve Mental Health, But It Doesn't Work for Everyone: Study
    Woman pouring sugar into her coffee.
    6 Ways To Cut Back on Your Added Sugar Intake
    Black women feeling frustrated at work desk.
    Study: People Who Face Discrimination Have a Higher Risk of Anxiety
    male doctor checking female patient's hearing
    Researchers Use Chemotherapy Drug To Make Potential Hearing Loss Breakthrough
    Researchers in a lab conducting pharmaceutical testing
    Researchers Use AI To Find New Uses for Existing Medications
    Joe Biden being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.
    What Is Biden's Plan for Reproductive Health Care?
    Digital graphic of lungs with a red spot indicating cancer.
    Report: Lung Cancer Cases, Deaths Declining in the U.S.
    Two women cooking healthy food.
    8 Foods That May Help Regulate Your Mood
    A Black mother appearing stressed, her young child is playing alone in the background.
    Study: Maternal Stress Linked To Negative Health Outcomes for Kids
    Young Black woman cozy on her bed with a mug of tea.
    Science Has Linked These 7 Foods and Beverages to Quality Sleep
    young boy looking at toy car on windowsill
    Autism Diagnosing Criteria Often Overlooks Those With Genetic Conditions
    White woman with her hands on her chest, her face is not visible but she has brunette hair.
    After Mastectomy, Fewer Patients Are Having Breast Reconstruction
    mifepristone abortion pill
    Study: Self-Managed Abortions Rise Alongside Abortion Restrictions
    Woman taking pill with glass of water.
    Study: Birth Control Pills Provide Long-Term Cancer Prevention Benefits