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    Black women feeling frustrated at work desk.
    Study: People Who Face Discrimination Have a Higher Risk of Anxiety
    male doctor checking female patient's hearing
    Researchers Use Chemotherapy Drug To Make Potential Hearing Loss Breakthrough
    Researchers in a lab conducting pharmaceutical testing
    Researchers Use AI To Find New Uses for Existing Medications
    Joe Biden being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.
    What Is Biden's Plan for Reproductive Health Care?
    Digital graphic of lungs with a red spot indicating cancer.
    Report: Lung Cancer Cases, Deaths Declining in the U.S.
    Two women cooking healthy food.
    8 Foods That May Help Regulate Your Mood
    A Black mother appearing stressed, her young child is playing alone in the background.
    Study: Maternal Stress Linked To Negative Health Outcomes for Kids
    Young Black woman cozy on her bed with a mug of tea.
    Science Has Linked These 7 Foods and Beverages to Quality Sleep
    young boy looking at toy car on windowsill
    Autism Diagnosing Criteria Often Overlooks Those With Genetic Conditions
    White woman with her hands on her chest, her face is not visible but she has brunette hair.
    After Mastectomy, Fewer Patients Are Having Breast Reconstruction
    mifepristone abortion pill
    Study: Self-Managed Abortions Rise Alongside Abortion Restrictions
    Woman taking pill with glass of water.
    Study: Birth Control Pills Provide Long-Term Cancer Prevention Benefits
    White woman's hands holding a dark brown bottle and a dropper of yellow-gold oil.
    Oil Made Without Fish Offers New Way to Get Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    A young woman in her room with her face half in sunlight and shadow.
    How To Boost Your Vitamin D Levels During Cold and Flu Season
    Black woman stretching at home looking at a laptop screen.
    Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Fitness Challenge Goes Virtual
    Woman social distancing looking out window.
    New Year, Same Problems: How To Deal With Disappointment
    islet cell transplant recipient and doctors in masks
    'This Is Real Freedom': Islet Cell Transplant Helps One Woman Become Insulin Independent
    Neurologists Call For an End to Neck Restraints
    bottle of pills
    Study: Glucosamine and Chondroitin Supplements May Reduce Mortality Risk
    Doctor giving a patient a vaccine on their arm.
    FDA Clears Breast Cancer Vaccine For Clinical Trials
    blue capsules coming out of bottle
    New Drug Gives Young Thyroid Cancer Patient a Second Chance at Life
    Young woman meditating on a yoga mat.
    Train Yourself To Be Happy: 4 Coachable Parts of Your Mental Health
    Person pouring tap water into their cup at the sink.
    In Wisconsin, Nitrate Water Contamination is a Public Health Threat
    Scientist with tubes of blood in research lab.
    Genetic Testing Is Beneficial for All Breast Cancer Patients, Study Finds
    FDA Approves First Generic Glucagon for Hypoglycemia
    A close up of half of an avocado on a pale green background.
    New Research Shows Eating Avocados Supports a Healthy Gut
    Woman in bed with a headache with glasses of alcohol blurry in the foreground.
    7 Ways To Combat a Hangover
    baby eating broccoli
    Updated Dietary Guidelines Now Include Infant and Toddler Nutrition Advice
    Person storing leftovers
    How To Store Your Holiday Leftovers and Avoid Foodborne Illness
    Young woman arguing with her mother at therapy.
    Validating Someone's Anger May Help Them Be More Positive, Study Finds
    Young man drinking water in a city.
    U.S. Communities Unequally Exposed To Arsenic in Drinking Water, Study Finds
    Woman eating a yogurt.
    Eating Yogurt May Reduce Your Colorectal Cancer Risk, Research Shows
    Woman with cancer consulting with doctor.
    Chemotherapy May Not Be Necessary for Certain Breast Cancers, Study Finds
    Woman clutching stomach in pain.
    American College of Gastroenterology Issues New Guidelines for IBS Treatment
    man jogging up stairs
    A Stair Test Can Help You Gauge Heart Health At Home
    Woman in bed with a knee brace after a knee injury.
    FDA Approves New Implant for ACL Tears
    Person receiving a vaccine via syringe.
    A Universal Flu Vaccine Could Replace Your Annual Flu Shot
    scale on pink rug
    FDA Clears Diabetes Medication for Obesity in Adolescents
    person at doctor
    For the Transgender Community, Accessible Health Care Can Be Life-Changing
    Doctor checking an older man's heart beat.
    Steroids May Increase Risk of Cardiac Disease, Research Finds
    male doctor talking to female cancer patient
    Financial Screenings Could Make Cancer Care More Accessible, Study Finds
    Woman receiving an eye exam.
    Study Shows Drug Combination Could Treat Uveal Melanoma
    Doctor giving a patient an injection.
    Smiling During an Injection Can Help With Pain and Stress, Study Finds
    telehealth visit
    American Medical Association Calls For Expansion of Telehealth
    Nurse adjusting MRI scanner for patient.
    FDA: Face Masks With Metal Are Not Safe in an MRI Machine
    Double Lung Transplant Recipient Credits Fitness With Saving Her Life
    Shopping for Red Meat
    Do You Need To Avoid Red Meat To Reduce Heart Disease Risk?
    Man using inhaler.
    New Asthma Guidelines Lessen Emphasis on Daily Inhaler Use
    woman practicing CPR on dummy
    Survey Shows Why Women Receive CPR Less Frequently Than Men
    A series of blood sample tubes on a pink background.
    Alzheimer's Blood Test Available For Purchase, But Not Yet FDA-Approved
    Woman receiving her health care insurance card.
    How to Get Health Care Coverage Before Open Enrollment Ends
    Lonely woman sitting on the floor staring out the window.
    Genetics Can Lead To Higher Suicide Risk, Study Finds
    Joe Biden getting out of car two different shoes
    Joe Biden Foot Hairline Fracture: What It Is and How It's Treated
    girl putting a star on a Christmas tree
    Holiday Decorations Can Boost Mood During Pandemic
    newborn hearing test
    A Hearing Test May Help Detect Autism Risk in Newborns
    Woman doctor consulting an older woman patient.
    How the Texas and Louisiana Medicaid Ruling Impacts Reproductive Health Access
    Woman eating health breakfast yogurt bowl.
    Study Confirms Gut Health Affects the Immune System
    The dapiravine vaginal ring to prevent HIV.
    WHO Prequalifies Vaginal Ring to Prevent HIV
    A genderqueer person sitting in a medical exam room.
    FOLX Is the First Digital Healthcare Platform for Queer and Trans Community
    woman laying down on FaceTime
    Social and food cravings may be similar