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    illustration of tension, anxiety, depicted by lightning bolts around woman's head
    'Invisible Disabilities' Are Anything but Invisible
    trick-or-treating during covid-19
    7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Safely if You Have Diabetes
    Pink mocktails.
    Here's How to Do Sober October and Dry Challenges the Right Way
    mushrooms illo
    Will We Turn to Psychedelics for Mental Health Treatment After the Pandemic?
    Top-down view of a person with a blood pressure cuff on their arm and holding the monitor with their free hand.
    Managing Your Blood Pressure Can Keep Your Brain Young
    A young Hispanic woman with glasses and a red face mask getting a shot.
    Why HPV Vaccine Hesitancy Increasing in Hispanic Communities
    stealthing illo
    Why We Need to Talk About 'Stealthing' Now
    Woman fatigued on couch.
    If Depression Runs in Your Family, You May Feel Fatigue and Chronic Pain
    An aromatherapy spray from Walmart, lavender scented, made by Better Homes and Gardens brand.
    Walmart Aromatherapy Spray Recalled After Illnesses, Deaths Reported
    Close up of a Black person's hands holding a white coffee cup.
    Study: Drinking Caffeine Won't Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer
    A young child in shadow sitting alone in a hallway.
    'Toxic Stress' Has Lasting Effects on Kids
    Teenager TikTok illo
    Lettuce Water, Dandelion Tea, Rosemary Oil: TikTok's Obsession With Home Remedies
    child receiving vaccine
    A Cell-Based Flu Vaccine Shows Promise in Kids
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Edema
    Carbs May Reduce Heart Disease Risk for Middle-Aged Women
    Man working from bed.
    Why the Rise of Workleisure Benefits the Chronic Pain Community
    Woman walking her dog outside.
    More Daylight Can Brighten Your Spirits, Too
    Woman looking at medicine at a pharmacy.
    Pharma Group Sues Government to Keep Drug Prices Secret
    A salt shaker on a table.
    How Realistic Are the FDA's New Sodium Guidelines?
    An older adult woman with a cane standing by a window looking outside.
    Researchers Want to Find Out Why MS Is Different for Minority Patients
    what I eat in a day trend
    Here's Why 'What I Eat In a Day' Videos Shouldn't Influence Your Diet
    Child playing video games.
    This Video Game Could Help Your Child Manage Anger and Stress
    Woman cycling
    Hiking May Be More Heart-healthy Than Hammer Curls
    A group of transparent yellow capsules, meant to be omega-3 supplements, on a light blue backgroud.
    High Doses of Omega-3 Supplements May Increase AFib Risk
    Child care.
    How Parents Are Navigating Childcare Shortages During the Pandemic
    Lentil soup.
    Your ‘Depression Meals’ Can Be Low-effort—and Healthy
    illustration of female figure sitting on an hour glass
    Op-Ed: What It's Like to Go Through a Chemical Menopause
    mushrooms on table
    Eating Mushrooms May Lower Risks of Anxiety and Depression
    vials of malaria vaccine
    Why Is the Malaria Vaccine Approval a Historic Achievement?
    A high-view photograph of a woman in white pajamas in her bed, her covers are pushed down to the bottom and she looks uncomfortbale.
    Sedentary Lifestyle Linked to Nighttime Menopause Hot Flashes
    Infant with asthma attack
    How Formula-Feeding Parents Can Reduce Their Child's Asthma Risk
    Close up of a Black person's hands pressing a finger to a blood stick test strip.
    Combo Hep C Test May Help People Get Treated Earlier
    cinnamon template
    A TikToker Says She Was Poisoned by Cinnamon. Is It Possible?
    Child jumping into father's arms.
    Over Half of U.S. Children Have Detectable Levels of Lead in Their Blood
    hands with rainbow lights
    Study: Autism Diagnosis Later in Life Linked to Worse Mental Health
    Youtube logo.
    New YouTube Policy Will Remove Videos Sharing Vaccine Misinformation
    Nicole Kidman
    No, Psychedelic Treatment Doesn't Look Like 'Nine Perfect Strangers'
    A man's thoughts illustration.
    This Is What Happens to Your Mind When You Focus On the Negative
    woman lying in bed holding her stomach in pain
    I Spent 15 Years In Pain—Here's What I Learned About The Gender Pain Gap
    oil spill
    How Might the Huntington Beach Oil Spill Affect Human Health?
    A PET Scan and an algorithm can help predict when Alzheimer's will become severe
    Researchers Predict When Alzheimer's Symptoms Will Start
    zoom cuddle therapy
    People Are Paying for Cuddles—Sometimes via Zoom
    Health wearable technology.
    Got a Cold? Your Smartwatch Can Detect It Before You Do
    wellness resort v2
    Should You Book a Post-Pandemic Getaway at a Wellness Resort?
    Ali Rodriguez
    How One OB-GYN Is Empowering the Latinx Community on TikTok
    An antibody linked to a chemotherapy drug is showing exciting results against advanced breast cancer
    AstraZeneca Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Clinical Trials
    Teen vaping.
    College Students Who Vape Are at a Higher Risk for Eating Disorders
    Here’s Why You Should Try Rare Sugars as Your Sweetener Substitute
    chili pepper
    Nobel Prize Winners Used Chili Peppers To Study How We Feel Pain
    dairy fat canva template
    Full-Fat Dairy May Actually Be Healthy for Your Heart
    smoking during pregnancy
    A Large Study Highlights the Dangers of Smoking During Pregnancy
    illustration of sleep tracking
    Are You Tracking Your Sleep Because of Coronasomnia?
    online prescription drugs
    Fake Prescription Pills Increase the Burden of Overdose Epidemic
    Latinx heritage month.
    En Medio de las Reaperturas Escolares, Los Maestros Latinos Sufren Por Su Salud Mental
    Latinx heritage month.
    Amid School Reopenings, Latinx Teachers Struggle With Mental Health
    exercise addiction illo
    Did You Work Out Too Much During the Pandemic?
    pregnant woman medication
    Experts Say Pregnant People Should Avoid Tylenol
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Contusion
    Teen girl scrolling on phone in class.
    Ask an Expert: Should Teen Girls Stop Using Instagram?
    fresh greek yogurt
    Eating Yogurt May Protect Your Gut Health While on Antibiotics