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    child eating sugary cereal
    Avoiding Added Sugars May Protect Kids From Fatty Liver Disease
    Searching online on a tablet.
    Study: Searching Your Symptoms on Google May Lead to a Better Diagnosis
    pregnant woman blood pressure
    Researchers Propose Lowering Blood Pressure Guidelines During Pregnancy
    Nursing home.
    Study Finds Treating Depression in Dementia Patients Goes Beyond Drugs
    Computer generated illustration of a man's body with different modules and information boxes surrounding the figure. The color scheme is blue, purple, and some red/pink.
    Could Your Digital Twin Help You Fight Infections?
    Mother and son using tablet and paper while doing son's autism therapy
    3 Rules for Navigating Your Child's Autism Treatment From a Parent Who Has
    stop gun violence buttons
    Resources For Coping With Gun Violence
    Portrait of positive young Asian woman with eye closed, enjoying sunlight under blue sky and clouds.
    Study: Can a 9-Month Program Teach Happiness?
    A young white man taking take out food containers out of a brown paper bag in the kitchen.
    New Research Shows Frequent Takeout Could Be Shortening Your Lifespan
    young man in a mask handing off prescription delivery to woman standing in her doorway
    Considering a Prescription Delivery Service? Here's What You Need to Know
    Bowl of breakfast oatmeal
    Eating an Early Breakfast May Reduce Your Diabetes Risk
    Illustration of a person sitting in bed at night
    Treating Insomnia May Be Important for Borderline Personality Disorder
    physician burnout
    4 Ways Doctors Can Heal From a Year of Burnout
    Older woman taking cardiac medication.
    Beta-Blockers May Not Actually Cause Depression
    Child therapist.
    1 in 2 At-Risk Children Are Not Getting the Mental Health Help They Need
    Person Grabbing Fresh Tomato
    Nutrition Experts Question Validity Of 'The Dirty Dozen List'
    Woman clutching her stomach in pain.
    New Alliance for Endometriosis Promotes Awareness and Support
    Anti-Asian violence protest sign.
    Public Health Organizations Denounce Anti-Asian Violence
    Doctor consulting an older patient.
    Researchers Develop Stroke Symptom Mnemonic for Spanish-Speakers
    heart imaging in green
    Physicians Use New Radiation Procedure to Treat Deadly Heart Arrhythmia
    A woman with brown hair and light skin sleeping in bed
    Research Shows Sleep Is a Critical Part of Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery
    Asian doctor comforting a patient.
    5 Mental Health Resources for Asian Americans Right Now
    Azusa fire
    Wildfire Smoke More Dangerous for Your Lungs Than Other Pollution
    woman eating salad
    Following a Healthy Plant-Based Diet May Reduce Your Stroke Risk
    Air pollution.
    8 Ways Environmental Pollutants Can Harm the Body
    Close up of an older white person's hands holding a grocery receipt with a grocery cart in the background.
    How Food Insecurity Makes It Harder to Manage Weight
    Someone with diabetes testing their blood sugar levels.
    Researchers Develop Promising Type 1 Diabetes Treatment
    Smiling people in discussion while sitting at outdoor cafe
    A 25-Minute Training Can Help Reduce People's Autism Biases
    Black man sitting on table talking to white female doctor in brightly-lit exam room
    Counting Patients’ Social Determinants of Health Could Help Prevent Fatal Heart Attacks
    An arrangement of pink and white pills that is shaped like a human brain on a green-blue background.
    This Is Your Brain on the Placebo Effect
    A Black woman scientist in a lab looking in a microscope.
    New Registry Helps Blood Cancer Patients Manage Medical Records
    Child at the dentist.
    School-Based Dental Programs Reduce Cavities by 50%
    FDA Authorizes Protective Collar for Athletes at Risk for Brain Injuries
    man and woman looking through box of food
    Dole's Nutrition Equity Program Could Be Coming to Your City
    A young white woman with long hair laying on the grass surrounded by small white flowers. She is wearing a disposable blue face mask and a green tee shirt.
    Have Spring Allergies? Your Face Mask Can Help
    doctor checking hearing
    WHO: 1 in 4 People Will Have Hearing Problems by 2050
    Young boy standing in front of a fan.
    Can Rising Global Temperatures Worsen MS Symptoms?
    Woman Eating Fruit
    5 Daily Servings of Fruits and Veggies May Help You Live Longer: Study
    eggs on toast
    Study Challenges Recommendation to Include Eggs in a Healthy Diet
    A young Black man in class appearing distraught.
    Nearly Half of College Students Report Being Depressed or Anxious
    Close up of a white female hand filled with almonds.
    6 Dietitian-Approved Snacks to Help Manage Your Weight
    Young Hispanic woman having her heart listened to by an older Black female doctor using a stethoscope.
    Women with Heart Disease Get Better Treatment from Female Physicians
    man having his throat checked by female doctor in PPE
    These 3 Cancers Are More Common in People with GERD
    A close up of a medical document titled "diagnostic assessment" with "urinary tract infection" as the diagnosis. There are also antibiotics next to the paper.
    Have a UTI? You Might Not Be Getting the Right Treatment
    A hand holding two pills.
    Low-Dose Naltrexone May Be Opioid Replacement for Chronic Pain
    13 Things Cannabis-Friendly Doctors Want You to Know
    In focus close up of a blue ribbon for colon cancer awareness being held up by an unseen person in a white coat with a stethoscope.
    Stand Up To Cancer Receives Grant to Promote Colon Cancer Awareness
    Healthy Balanced Dinner
    How to 'Personalize Your Plate' During National Nutrition Month
    A woman holding a lit candle in the middle of a dark room; only half her face is in the light.
    Avoid These Dangers of Heating Your Home When the Power's Out
    A close up of a blue gloved hand holding a nasal syringe of an influenza vaccine.
    Intranasal Flu Vaccine Shows Promise in Clinical Trials
    A young Black woman talking to a therapist or social worker; you can't see either of their faces.
    Research Highlights the Need for Individualized Anorexia Treatment
    Woman holding a phone.
    How Tiktok Can Create Community for Eating Disorder Recovery
    Bird flu.
    First Cases of H5N8 Bird Flu Are Asymptomatic—Experts Say That's Promising
    prescription pill bottle
    What to Know About Getting Your Prescription Medications During a Crisis
    Woman getting her blood pressure measured.
    'Normal' Blood Pressure Threshold May Differ Between Men and Women
    Woman holding a marijuana joint and lighter.
    How to Talk to Your Doctor About Marijuana
    Mother putting snow year on small child.
    How to Stay Warm During Winter Storms and Power Outages
    A photo of equipment for use during a power outage like bottles of water, candles, and flashlights.
    8 Tips for Eating Safely During a Power Outage or Boil Water Advisory
    teen sisters on couch scrolling on cell phones
    Time Spent on Social Media Increases Suicide Risk in Girls—But Not Boys
    Someone hands holding a mug of black coffee before drinking.
    Struggle With Heart Issues? Drinking Coffee in Moderation Won't Hurt