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    Depressed woman illustration.
    Suicide Prediction Models Exacerbate Racial Disparities in Health Care
    Wildfire season in California.
    Wildfire Smoke Linked to New and Worsened Eczema, Study Finds
    woman drinking orange juice
    7 Dietician-Approved Foods to Reduce Stroke Risk
    Close up of a white person's hands holding a test tube and looking at the contents of an at-home genetic testing kit.
    New Collaboration Aims to Make Genetic Testing More Accessible
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Erythema
    A Black woman meditating at home
    The Best Way to Improve Your Well-Being? Practicing Mindfulness
    Radiation in Chernobyl.
    Two Landmark Studies Examine the Effects of Chernobyl Radiation on the Body
    Close up of a white person's hands slicing a white mushroom.
    Study: Eating More Mushrooms Could Lower Your Cancer Risk by 45%
    A white man seated at a kitchen table with his head resting on his arms; he appears down or depressed.
    What Is Languishing, and What Can We Do About It?
    An array of vitamin-D-rich foods, such as milk, cheese, eggs, salmon, and mushrooms.
    Not Getting Enough Vitamin D in Your Diet May Impair Muscle Function
    Woman stressed out at work.
    When Work Stress Combines With Social Stress, Women Face Higher Risk of Heart Disease
    Older asian couple walking in nature.
    Community Patrol Groups Are Working to Keep Asian American Elders Safe
    Female child with black hair and glasses lining up figurines on a window sill.
    Study Explores Why Autism is Different in Girls and Boys
    Women illustration.
    CDC: HIV Is an 'Unacceptable Burden' on 4 in 10 Transgender Women
    vitamin D on pink backdrop.
    Experts Unable to Recommend Screening Most Adults for Vitamin D Deficiency
    Middle-aged man awake in bed in the middle of the night.
    Getting Too Little Sleep in Middle Age May up Your Dementia Risk
    Magic mushroom illustration.
    Tripping May Be As Effective as Your Antidepressants
    TikTok screenshots of chlorophyll water
    Is TikTok's Liquid Chlorophyll the Health Cure-All? Experts Say Not Likely
    person trying to conceive
    8 Dietician-Approved Foods to Support Fertility
    abortion pills
    FDA Temporarily Allows Abortion Pills to Be Shipped Through Mail
    STI testing
    CDC: STIs Reach an All-Time High
    A person in handcuffs
    Study: Mental Health Help Is Crucial For People in Police Custody
    Protect our future climate change protest sign.
    Gen Z Is Increasingly Developing Anxiety About Climate Change
    Older woman receiving a flu shot in the arm.
    Getting a Flu Shot May Help Reduce Your Risk of a Heart Attack
    New dad holding infant.
    Anxiety in New Fathers May Be More Common Than Previously Reported
     Conceptual paper illustration of human hands and DNA in a lab.
    A New Clinical Trial Will Explore Gene Editing For Sickle Cell Disease
    A yogurt cup next to a metal spoon on a pale blue background.
    6 Dietitian-Recommended Foods for IBS
    person holding a heart-shaped strawberry
    Eating Strawberries Every Day May Support Vascular Health, New Study Suggests
    Adult Man Portrait with a Down Syndrome holding a coffee cup
    For People With Intellectual Disabilities, Resistance Can Equal Autonomy
    actually autistic tiktok
    TikTok Helps Illustrate the Individuality of Autism
    Cars stuck in traffic.
    Despite Fewer Cars on the Road, Pedestrian Fatalities Are Up During COVID
    cancer survivor at fashion show on runway
    How Confidence Lessons from the Runway Are Helping Cancer Patients
    child eating sugary cereal
    Avoiding Added Sugars May Protect Kids From Fatty Liver Disease
    Searching online on a tablet.
    Study: Searching Your Symptoms on Google May Lead to a Better Diagnosis
    A man sneezing into a tissue
    Stress May Be Making Your Allergies Worse
    pregnant woman blood pressure
    Researchers Propose Lowering Blood Pressure Guidelines During Pregnancy
    Instagram posts
    6 #ActuallyAutistic Instagram Accounts to Follow
    Nursing home.
    Study Finds Treating Depression in Dementia Patients Goes Beyond Drugs
    Computer generated illustration of a man's body with different modules and information boxes surrounding the figure. The color scheme is blue, purple, and some red/pink.
    Could Your Digital Twin Help You Fight Infections?
    Mother and son using tablet and paper while doing son's autism therapy
    3 Rules for Navigating Your Child's Autism Treatment From a Parent Who Has
    stop gun violence buttons
    Resources For Coping With Gun Violence
    Portrait of positive young Asian woman with eye closed, enjoying sunlight under blue sky and clouds.
    Study: Can a 9-Month Program Teach Happiness?
    A young white man taking take out food containers out of a brown paper bag in the kitchen.
    New Research Shows Frequent Takeout Could Be Shortening Your Lifespan
    young man in a mask handing off prescription delivery to woman standing in her doorway
    Considering a Prescription Delivery Service? Here's What You Need to Know
    Bowl of breakfast oatmeal
    Eating an Early Breakfast May Reduce Your Diabetes Risk
    Illustration of a person sitting in bed at night
    Treating Insomnia May Be Important for Borderline Personality Disorder
    physician burnout
    4 Ways Doctors Can Heal From a Year of Burnout
    Older woman taking cardiac medication.
    Beta-Blockers May Not Actually Cause Depression
    Child therapist.
    1 in 2 At-Risk Children Are Not Getting the Mental Health Help They Need
    Person Grabbing Fresh Tomato
    Nutrition Experts Question Validity Of 'The Dirty Dozen List'
    Woman clutching her stomach in pain.
    New Alliance for Endometriosis Promotes Awareness and Support
    Anti-Asian violence protest sign.
    Public Health Organizations Denounce Anti-Asian Violence
    Doctor consulting an older patient.
    Researchers Develop Stroke Symptom Mnemonic for Spanish-Speakers
    heart imaging in green
    Physicians Use New Radiation Procedure to Treat Deadly Heart Arrhythmia
    A woman with brown hair and light skin sleeping in bed
    Research Shows Sleep Is a Critical Part of Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery
    Asian doctor comforting a patient.
    5 Mental Health Resources for Asian Americans Right Now
    Azusa fire
    Wildfire Smoke More Dangerous for Your Lungs Than Other Pollution
    woman eating salad
    Following a Healthy Plant-Based Diet May Reduce Your Stroke Risk
    Air pollution.
    8 Ways Environmental Pollutants Can Harm the Body
    Close up of an older white person's hands holding a grocery receipt with a grocery cart in the background.
    How Food Insecurity Makes It Harder to Manage Weight