Normal Menstruation

For most women, there is no avoiding the menstrual cycle. From your first period, it becomes a regular part of life, which is why it's important to understand what's happening with your body.
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What Are Some Unexpected Changes to Your Period When You Exercise?
Period Panties
The 10 Best Period Panties of 2021
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Estrogen Explained: It's About More Than Just Your Period
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How to Use Contraceptives to Skip Your Period During a Vacation
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7 Things You Should Know About Your Period
Cyclical Breast Pain and Menstrual Cycle
What's the Difference of Cyclical vs Noncyclical Breast Pain?
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Understand What Puberty Is, How It Starts, and What to Expect
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How the Hypothalamus Controls Your Menstrual Cycle
Diabetes and Your Period: 5 Things Women Need to Know
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Menstrual Cycle Physiological and Hormonal Changes
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How Menstruation Actually Works
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Discover These Tampon Tips and Tricks for New Users
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Growing Concern Over the Safety of Cotton Found in Tampons
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The Right Way to Use a Tampon
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How Many Days of Bleeding Are Typical During Menstruation?
Menstrual Blood
Tracking the color of your period can tell you about your health
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Practical Tips and Common Questions About Sex During Your Period
Tampon and Calendar
A Girl's Guide to Irregular Periods
Tampon and Calendar and feminine products
How Hormones Take Charge of Your Menstrual Cycle
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How to Keep Yourself Clean During Your Period
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Discover How to Choose the Best Tampons, Pads, Menstrual Cups for You
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The Hormone Progesterone for Women's Health
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The Role the Endometrium Plays in Your Reproductive Health
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Slang for 'On the Rag' Refers to Historic Menstrual Products
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What Conditions GnRH Agonists Treat
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Here Are Some Helpful Tips on How to Remove a Stuck Tampon
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Are You Changing Your Pads and Tampons Often Enough?
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Why You Shouldn't Let Your Period Ruin a Perfectly Good Pool Day
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Is Following a Diet More Important During My Period?
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Are There Yoga Poses to Help With Period Cramps?
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5 Things Girls May Wonder About When They Start Menstruating
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Facts and Info That Teen Girls Should Know About Having Periods
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Helpful Hints for Dealing With Your Period
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What a Teenage Girl Can Expect When Getting Her First Period
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How Keeping Track of Your Menstrual Cycle Can Help Your Health
Which Tampon Absorbency Is Right for You
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The 8 Best Menstrual Cups of 2021
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Get Information on the Factors That Can Affect Your Menstrual Cycle
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Can Weight Gain or Loss Change Your Period?
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Common Period Problems During Your Reproductive Years
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An Overview of Menstruation

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