Hip and Knee Health

From arthritis to orthopedic injuries, a number of conditions can cause your hip and knee pain. Get on the road to recovery and explore treatment options that can offer relief.
man icing knee
Using Heat or Ice for Knee Pain
fluid on the knee
How to Get Rid of Fluid on the Knee
Doctor testing the knee with the Lachman Test
Knee Massage: Benefits and Tips
Yoga for knees
The Benefits of Yoga for Bad Knees
Pelvic Drop
Pelvic Drop Exercise to Improve Hip Strength
woman doing hip squeeze exercise
Exercises to Keep Your Hips Strong and Mobile
Man holding knee
Exercises to Keep Your Knees Healthy
Home healthcare worker helping elderly man with walker
Recovering From a Broken Hip
Physical therapist helping man with knee trouble
Sensitivity and Allergy to Metals in a Knee Replacement
Multi-ethnic women practicing yoga.
Exercises to Strengthen the Hip Muscles
Photo of trail runner with knee pain.
Physical Therapy Exercises to Treat Runner's Knee
Back and knee pain. Man experiencing lower back pain, croppeds
Back Disorders and Knee Pain
Doctor examines patient's knee.
Cartilage Replacement as a Treatment for Knee Arthritis
hip pain while walking
Hip Pain: Causes, Treatment, and When to See a Doctor
Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament illustration
Knee Joint Ligaments
Doctor examining osteoporosis on an x-ray.
Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip Overview
Tennis player holding knee in pain
Symptoms and Diagnosis of a Swollen Knee
She overexerted herself on that run
ACL Tears and Surgery in Adults
knee pain
Cause and Treatment of Knee Popping or Snapping
Single leg bridge
Advanced Hip Strengthening Exercises
Illustration of knee joint with pain
Overview of Knee Joint Infection Treatment
Straight leg raise test
How to Perform a Straight Leg Raise Test
man doing hip flexor stretch on beach
Overview of Hip Flexor Muscles and Injuries
Iliac crest
Anatomy of the Iliac Crest
Knee Anatomy
What Is the Patellofemoral Joint?
woman swimming laps
Exercise Tips for Bow-Legged People
Complications and Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery
Physical therapist stretching patient knee
Why You Feel Your Knee Giving Out
When to see a doctor for knee pain
When to See a Doctor About Knee Pain
Woman lying prone on the floor
How to Perform the Prone Straight Leg Raise Exercise
IT Band pain in athletes
Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome: Causes, Treatment, and When to See a Doctor
knee examination
Tests to Diagnose the Cause of Knee Pain
a man holding his thigh
Physical Therapy for Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
Knee arthroscopy
Risks and Complications of Knee Arthroscopy Surgery
A patient lying inside an MRI machine.
Diagnosing Knee Injury With an MRI
x-ray of someone's knees
Knee X-Rays and Detecting Abnormalities
Mature woman in gym holding painful knee
How ACL and PCL Knee Injuries Differ
A man holding his knee in pain
Treatment Options for Cartilage Defects of the Knee
Knee injection
How to Perform a Knee Injection for Medication
Doctor examining senior mans knee in examination room
Diagnosing a Knee Injury With a McMurray Test
Young woman suffering from pain in knee, close up
Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) of the Knee
Photo of a woman and daughter in physical therapy.
Caring for a Loved One After Total Joint Replacement
knee anatomy
Knee Images and Pictures - Photos and X-Rays of the Knee
man experiencing hip pain
Is My Hip Pain Cancer?
man holding hurt knee while standing
Why Do I Have Knee Pain When Standing?
knee swelling pain
Inner Knee Pain After Running: Causes and Treatments
Sportswoman with broken leg sitting on ground,Barcelona
Why Do I Have Knee Pain Going Up Stairs?
Jogging teen suffering from sudden knee pain
Understanding Different Knee Injury Symptoms
Senior Businessman with Knee Problems in the City Streets
Bilateral Knee Pain: Causes and Treatments
Groin Pain
Groin Pain: Causes, Treatment, and When to See a Doctor
bone cells
Abnormal Excess Bone Growth in Heterotopic Ossification
Senior woman suffering from pain in knees at home. Holding her knee and massaging with hands, feeling exhausted, sitting on sofa in living room. Close-up. Medications and pills on table
Knee Pain From Plica Syndrome
woman with pelvic pain laying down
What You Should Know About Osteitis Pubis
Woman holding knee in pain
Knee Pain: Causes, Treatment, and When to See a Doctor
Knee joint inflammation
Treatment for Septic Joint Infections
bone health
Enchondroma Are Tumors Found Inside Bones
Sarcomas Are Malignant Connective Tissue Cancer
Picture of a man holding injured knee.
The Unhappy Triad Knee Injury
Knee pain
A Locked Knee Is Unable to Bend
Male athlete with hip injury
Hip Osteonecrosis Symptoms and Treatment