Shoulder and Elbow Health

When you injure your shoulder or elbow, you realize exactly how much you rely on these joints. Study up on the common causes of pain and the treatment options available.
A painful shoulder
What Could Cause Shoulder Blade Pain?
A physical therapist working on a man's shoulder
AC Joint Surgery to Repair a Separated Shoulder
An elderly woman suffering from shoulder pain.
Learn the Treatment Options for Calcific Tendonitis of the Shoulder
a man holding his elbow and grimacing in pain
Radial Head Fracture Is the Most Common Type of Elbow Injury In Adults
man with biceps tear talking to doctor
Treatment Options for Biceps Tendon Ruptures
Patient explaining shoulder pain to doctor
Learn About What Shoulder Instability Is and How Is It Treated
Photo of a man holding his elbow.
Physical Therapy Can Help with Injuries to Elbow Ligaments
The bones of the neck
How to Treat Injuries to the Sternoclavicular (SC) Joint
The Types and Recovery of Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgeries
Woman holding elbow
Why It's Painful When You Hit Your Funny Bone
labral tear
What Is a Torn Shoulder Labrum?
photo of man lying on stomach with shoulder blades protruding
What Causes Pain Between the Shoulder Blades?
Shoulder problems.
The Perfect Stretch for Your Rotator Cuff Muscles and Shoulders
Arm pain
Why Is My Arm Hurting?
Woman with shoulder arthritis.
Could Your Shoulder Pain Actually Be Arthritis?
Senior woman in gym rubbing shoulder.
Pinpointing the Cause of Your Shoulder Pain
Collarbone x-ray.
Causes of Collarbone Pain and Treatment Options
Man concerned about pain in his armpit
What are the Causes of Armpit Pain?
Swimmer's Shoulder: What to Expect with Diagnosis and Management
Man holding his shoulder in pain
Learn the Symptoms and Treatments of a Proximal Biceps Tendon Tear
Shoulder Pain Examination
Is Your Shoulder Pain From Your Rotator Cuff?
a man holding his shoulder
Find out How Problems With the Biceps Tendon Can Lead to Shoulder Pain
A man doing a bench press.
How to Understand and Treat Injuries of the Distal Clavicle
senior man with broken shoulder in sling reviewing files with woman
Different Bones of Your Shoulder Can Be Fractured
Occupational therapist holding and stretching patient's arm
Stages of Treatment and Recovery After a Frozen Shoulder
TENS unit on shoulder
Physical Therapy Versus Surgery for Rotator Cuff Tear
Young pitcher throwing a baseball over his head
How Do You Treat a SLAP Tear of the Shoulder?
Shoulder injury on a football tackle
4 Signs You Might Have a Bankart Tear
shoulder dislocation
What Actually Happens When You Dislocate Your Shoulder?
Woman with shoulder pain
What Could Be Behind Your Shoulder Pain
Doctor examining patients shoulder
Learn the Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain
An X-ray of a separated shoulder.
Shoulder Separation Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
Mixed race woman rubbing neck and shoulder
What Happens When You Have a Torn Rotator Cuff?
Man holding shoulder in pain
3 Signs of a Frozen Shoulder
throwing a tennis ball
Internal Impingement Shoulder Injuries
Doctor testing mobility of a patient`s shoulder
When a Rotator Cuff Tear Happens Along With Severe Arthritis
shoulder separation xray image
Common Causes and Treatments for a Separated Shoulder
doctor standing behind a patient with hands on shoulder.
Can Chronic Shoulder Pain Be Caused By a Vaccination?
Woman icing her shoulder
Frozen Shoulder Causes and Treatments
frozen shoulder
Adhesive Capsulitis or Stiffness and Pain of the Shoulder Joint
Senior man suffering from shoulder pain at rehabilitation center
When Does a Rotator Cuff Tear Really Require Surgery?
Nurse helping woman exercise with dumbbell
What Is a Partial Tear of the Rotator Cuff?
Shoulder dislocation
Posterior Shoulder Dislocation Occurs With Traumatic Injuries
Woman performing a shoulder exercise as part of her physical therapy
Can Physical Therapy Help Repair a Rotator Cuff Tear?
shoulder injury
Hill-Sachs Injury to the Shoulder and Treatment Options
Rotator Cuff Exercises
Why Surgery Isn't Always Needed for Rotator Cuff Tears
Woman touching aching back
Non Surgical Treatments for Rotator Cuff Injuries
Chiropractic treatment
What Can Be Done If Your Shoulders Are Too Loose?
Woman at the Gym Experiencing Pain
8 Ways to Treat Your Rotator Cuff Tear Without Surgery
An elderly woman suffering from shoulder pain.
What to do When You Break Your Shoulder Blade
Why Do Calcium Deposit In the Shoulder Cause Pain?
A woman stands outside, cradling her elbow in one hand.
What Causes Pain in Both Elbows?
ulnar nerve
What Is Ulnar Nerve Injury?
a woman working on her bicep with a therapist
What to Do When You Tear Your Biceps Tendon at the Elbow Joint
Photo of a PT helping elderly man with elbow pain.
The Culprit Behind Your Elbow Pain and How to Treat It
The nerves of the upper limb
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
old man elbow pain
Use These Treatments for Patients With Elbow Arthritis
xray of dislocated elbow
Elbow Dislocation Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Older woman grimaces as her arm is held by doctor.
Swelling Behind the Elbow – What Caused That?
TheraBand Flexbar
Treatment of Tennis Elbow Pain With the TheraBand FlexBar