How Panorex X-Rays Are Used in Dentistry

A panorex X-ray is a two-dimensional X-ray used in the dental field. It displays both jaws, the upper and lower, as well as the teeth, on the same film at the same time.

A dentist viewing an x-ray on a computer screen
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Panorex films have several uses since they expose areas of the jaw that cannot be detected by traditonal x-ray film. The two-dimensional images are used by dentists for the following:

Your dentist may also refer you to have 3D X-rays taken with newer X-ray machines.


During the panorex X-ray, the patient is asked to bite down on a special tool that assists the operator in positioning the patients head in the correct position. The patient is asked to stay very still while the panorex machine travels around the outside of the patients head. The image is either displayed digitally on a computer or processed onto traditional X-ray film, to be used by the dentist.

Your dentist may recommend a panorex every five years, or whenever necessary for your specific situation.

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By Shawn Watson
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