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Patient Advocacy

Patient advocates can help you navigate healthcare decisions and problems, as well as coordinate with providers. Learn about these valuable resources.
Shaking hands in a hospital
Cost to Hire a Private Patient or Health Advocate
Smiling female cancer patient listening to doctor prescribing prescription medication in clinic examination room
How to Advocate for Yourself as a Cancer Patient
Doctor discussing with patient
Patients Have Certain Responsibilities in the Medical Care Field
Sick senior citizen in hospital
Weighing the Benefits of Right-To-Die Legislation
Mature Couple and Counselor
It Can Be Difficult for a Patient Advocate to Get a Decent Paying Job
A doctor and a pregnant patient.
Know Your Rights as a Patient in the American Healthcare System
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A List of Organizations That Can Educate You About Your Right to Die
Man and doctor talking in hospital room
How Hospital Discharges and Readmissions Work
Caucasian son visiting father in hospital
Dos and Don'ts for Visiting Someone in the Hospital
Doctor talking to patient in hospital room
Organizations Who Advocate for Patients When They Need It
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How to Find and Choose a Patient or Health Advocate
The Centers for Disease Control.
How to Find and Use Government Health and Medical Websites
A doctor and patient talk in a hospital.
Qualifications Needed to Become a Hospital Patient Advocate
A patient and a hospital staff member.
Health or Patient Advocate or Navigator Career
medical specimens
What Happens to Your Blood, Organ and Tissue Specimens?
A health insurance form.
Why Health Insurers Deny Coverage for Care a Healthcare Provider Recommends
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Understanding Informed Consent
Empty beds in hospital room
Do You Have the Right to Refuse Medical Treatment?
Doctors examining patient in hospital room
Why You May Pay More if You Are Hospitalized for Observation
Person writing in their information on an organ donor sheet
Learn About the Benefits of Donating Your Organs or Body to Science
Woman laying in bed sick
Learn When It Is the Right Time to Call in Sick From Work
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What Patient Advocate Services Can Help You?
Triple Aim
What You Should Know About Health Care's Triple Aim