Patient Advocate or Navigator Degrees and Certificates

If you want to earn a credential as a patient advocate or healthcare navigator, there are more than two dozen programs available.

The question is often asked whether someone needs to be certified as a patient advocate in order to do patient advocacy work.

The programs listed below are a sampling of what is available. If you would like to be notified when new programs are added by the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, you can sign up for notices on their site.

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Basic Certificate-Granting Programs

Patient Advocates, also known as Patient Navigators or Healthcare Navigators work directly for a patient, helping that person get the best healthcare possible from his or her doctors, hospitals and others who actually provide the care the patient needs.

  • RN Patient Advocates runs training programs for nurses who wish to assist individuals as private patient advocates and navigators as well.
  • Cleveland State University offers a two-semester online Patient Advocate Certificate program. This program consists of eight 4-week courses, including preparation for the board exam.
  • UCLA Extension offers a specialized online one-year patient advocacy certificate program (the program is delivered online only) for people looking to become patient advocates or advance in the career of patient advocacy.
  • Anyone just exploring patient advocacy as a possible career can learn the basics and network with others who are currently working in the field through The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, a membership site for health advocates.

Hospital Patient Representatives or Advocates Programs

Unlike patient advocates who work directly for patients, hospital patient advocates work for the hospital or other facilities in an ombudsman or customer-service capacity. Learn more about being a hospital patient advocate, then see if that route is of interest to you.

Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program in Patient Advocacy

The following is a limited list of programs that grant a Bachelor's or Master's degree in patient advocacy or navigation. You may not need or be ready for these more extensive degrees.

  • Sarah Lawrence College / Masters Degree or Certificate Program in Health Advocacy
    • The first master's program in health advocacy in the United States, the Sarah Lawrence program can prepare a student for a variety of types of advocacy careers. Emphases may be on assisting individuals, focusing on community health, or working in health policy. Currently, the program is not accepting new applications.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago offers two innovative, interdisciplinary completely online programs. You can earn a master’s degree in Patient Safety Leadership or a graduate certificate in Patient Safety, Error Science and Full Disclosure at nationally ranked University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Medicine. The program is ideal for those currently involved or considering working in patient safety efforts, including nurses, doctors, attorneys, hospital administrators, and patient advocates.
  • The University of Wisconsin / Center for Patient Partnerships A variety of programs are offered for graduate students to address the medical, legal and financial aspects of advocacy.
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