Using Patient Assistance Programs for Asthma Medication

Asthma medications are very expensive, and a patient assistance program may help you obtain your asthma medications free or at a significantly reduced cost. With the increased expense after the CFC to HFA transition, many asthma patients are having trouble affording their asthma medication. Despite what some people think, the thresholds for getting patient assistance may be higher than you think. Some asthma treatments can cost hundreds of dollars per month and thousands per year. The programs are not always easy to manage and you may want to ask a social worker or case manager for help if you need to.


Partnership for Prescription Assistance

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) has helped more than 6 million uninsured patients obtain prescription medications. This program has been to 3,000 cities in all 50 states helping people get the medicine they need. Because each patient assistance program has its own rules, it can be confusing. The PPA can help you navigate these waters.



RxAssist is a database that contains a comprehensive list of patient assistance programs, along with articles that will help you navigate the sometimes-complicated application process. The RxAssist database was created by Volunteers in Health Care (VIH), a national resource center for safety net organizations that is based out of the Brown University Center for Primary Care and Prevention.

The site contains a list of the major drug chains with low-cost medication programs, as well as drug discount cards from specific manufacturers.


Together Rx Access Card

The Together Rx Access Card is a slightly different patient assistance program that allows you to obtain a 25–40% discount on more than 300 brand-name prescription products, provided that you:

  • Do not have Medicare
  • Do not have prescription drug coverage of any kind
  • Meet certain income requirements:
    • $45,000 for a single person
    • $60,000 for a family of two
    • $75,000 for a family of three
    • $90,000 for a family of four
    • $105,000 for a family of five

Bridges to Access

Bridges to Access is GlaxoSmithKline's patient assistance program for drugs such as Advair, Breo, Flovent, and Serevent. The Bridges to Access patient assistance program provides Advair, Flovent, and Serevent and other GSK prescription medicines based on certain eligibility criteria. There is a separate program called GSK access for Medicare patients in need of prescription assistance.


AstraZeneca Patient Assistance Program

The AstraZeneca patient assistance program website not only helps you determine if you are eligible for assistance with drugs like Pulmicort and Rhinocort, but it will direct you to a clinic near you that utilizes their program. According to their website, individuals making less than $30,00 or families making less than $60,000 may qualify for AstraZeneca's patient assistance program.


HealthWell Foundation

The Healthwell Foundation is a patient assistance program that provides financial assistance to not only cover costs of some asthma medications, like Aerobid but also to cover coinsurance, copayments, healthcare premiums and deductibles for asthma. If you have insurance, but you cannot afford the coinsurance or copayment required, this patient assistance program may be able to help by paying some or all of your costs. Also, the Healthwell program may be able to help with your insurance premiums if you are eligible for insurance, but not able to afford it.


Xolair Patient Assistance/Prescription Assistance

Even with insurance, Xolair can be very expensive. Genentech offers a patient assistance program for patients with insurance, as well as for patients without insurance. This program offers an extensive set of resources to help you and your doctor address insurance and administrative concerns.


TEVA Respiratory Patient Assistance

TEVA is one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world, and they provide a patient assistance program for ProAir HFA (albuterol) and QVAR (beclomethasone dipropionate) if you meet the financial requirements outlined on the application.


Merck Helps

Merck is a large Pharma company that makes Dulera. They provide assistance to the uninsured and who, without the company's assistance, cannot afford their medicine.

Get Help If You Need It

It is not always easy to ask for help. Do not let your asthma or your child's asthma be impacted by difficulties in affording or getting access to medication. Take a look at the above-mentioned​ programs and see if one might benefit you.

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